Jack Tretton Owes Penny Arcade $13,200

In a recent interview with EGM, SCEA President Jack Tretton claimed he would pay $1200 for any PS3s found on store shelves that had been there longer than five minutes. Penny Arcade's Gabe and Tycho decided to take him up on his offer and put Jack's money where his mouth is.

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DC RID3R4891d ago

seems like someone "bit off more than they chew" !

If ANYBODY spots Mr. HEAD-busser aka Thammer1 on LIVE, "gET teh F*CK outta THERE!!!". it's for your own good :]

Raist4891d ago

That was a funny one.

BTW, looks like most stores had one or two PS3 on the shelves ?

I thought they were stockpiling ?

miasma4891d ago

that was good article, i kind saw this coming a mile away...good job guys!

HandShandy4891d ago

wow, how terribly unintresting.

PS360PCROCKS4891d ago

that's it? Only 13? Geesh I live in Colorado and Target, Walmart, Gamestop all of them I have seen ATLEAST 3-4

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