Forza Horizon 5’s First Expansion is Hot Wheels-Themed, as Per Steam Leak

Similar to Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon 5 is also going to get a Hot Wheels-themed expansion, as per a recent Steam leak.

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brewin236d ago

Love the game, but why are we doing Hot Wheels again? There's a great Hot Wheels title out now that did it better than the FH 3 DLC. They could have done something cool like maybe a DLC set on Halo or even Albion from Fable. They running out of ideas?

Elit3Nick236d ago

FH3 Hot Wheels was by far the best received out of all the Horizon expansions. It offered such a drastic change from the base game that it's much easier to come back to compared to the more realistic expansions, or Lego, which were just more of the same with the former, and not interesting enough with the latter.

dumahim236d ago

I guess on the bright side it isn't Lego.

TheColbertinator236d ago

Pass. It is fun at first for sure but the car selection and track layout eventually put me off for good.

Will return to Horizon when 6 takes us to Japan.