Why FromSoftware's Next Game Should Be Even More Exciting Than Usual

With FromSoftware's next release, the studio will be in a position to take everything it learned from Elden Ring to craft a masterpiece.

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Nacho_Z286d ago

Elden Ring is a masterpiece. It's their biggest and best, but not their first. Can't wait to see what they do next now they've broken out from the old formula.

HeliosHex286d ago

Elden ring is a great game but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece. It did have some flaws like repetitive bosses.

Nacho_Z286d ago

It's not perfect but it's a masterpiece nonetheless. Considering the scope of the game and all the things it achieves it's allowed a few flaws.

If every dungeon was unique with a unique boss it'd have taken them another couple of years to make, got to draw the line somewhere.

philm87286d ago

There's about 190 bosses in the game, I'll happily take a few repeats. These are sub bosses anyhow. Does it not make sense that not every boss creature is unique?

mkis007286d ago

They could mix some scifi or wild west into their next one. Even if they never move away from their overall style.

Star51286d ago

I'd really like to seem them take on space themed game

Gardenia286d ago

If their next game isn't Bloodborne II (which would make me very sad) it will be something different from a normal Souls game. It will most likely be something like Bloodborne or Sekiro.

shinoff2183285d ago

Id like to see their take on a future sci fi setting. I like sci fi more then fantasy type stuff