XBLR - Crackdown Review

"In Crackdown you're some sort of super hero, genetically modified, police officer. Your mission is pretty simple: Eliminate all the bad guys in the city. Three gangs ferociously run thrughout the enormous free roaming city: Los Muertos, the Volks and the Shai-Gen. It is suppose to be a sandbox type of game that is best completed "in order"; however, the cool thing about Crackdown is that it breaks away from the typical liniar story line and you can take on the gangs of the city in any manner you see fit. With that said, I'll suggest going in order due to the level of difficulty as you progress through the game. Los Muertos is by far the easiest to wipe out and Shai-Gen eaisly the hardest. Ironically, the gangs must follow some kind of "Gang Manual" because each gang consists of six generals and one kingpin. So, if you're bold, you can go right after the king pins, but that is not the smart thing to do and I don't recommend it."

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