Should Link from The Legend of Zelda Speak?

An analysis of whether or not Link from The Legend of Zelda series should speak in-game and what it could mean for the series moving forward. Check out James Bell's article for more.

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kayoss296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

Why wouldnt he?
He need to tell those people to learn to defend themselves. He getting sick and tired of cleaning up their incompetent messes. In addition, he need to express his displeasure of being charged a premium for weapons, tools, materials even though he is putting his life on the line to save their butts.

pietro1212296d ago

While I think silent protagonists are is lazy writing, but Link talking would be weird.

Pocahontas296d ago

Absolutely there is no reason for him not too

DragonWarrior19296d ago

No, it's nice to have a silent protagonist. It helps immersion. Plus then they would have to fill the game with Link saying stupid crap all the time which is annoying and repetitive. Could you imagine " YEAH A RUPPEE!" every time he collected a Ruppee from a chest? Or when you collect a Bug "I'll have to add this to my collection" when you have 20 and heard it twenty times already? Leave tradition alone, there is nothing wrong with Link being silent.

franwex296d ago

It was already established by Miyamoto back in 1998 that Link will not speak beside grunts, and screams. Basically how it is now.

So unless Miyamoto retires, or dies. Link will not speak.

I tend to side with Miyamoto on this one.

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