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GamingIndians: Killzone 2 Preview - Deserves the Hype has gone live with both their single and multiplayer preview of killzone 2. excerpt from the preview,

"Despite some small niggles, Killzone 2 is shaping up nicely. It's very rare for a sequel of a mediocre game to generate as much hype as Killzone 2 is doing, but this time around, the game actually deserves it."

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Take out the period in the title, and put site name in the title. So GamingIndians: Killzone 2 Preview - Deserves the Hype
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PoSTedUP5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

shut up no it doesn't. what is this for the wii? lolololololololoooooool

Kleptic5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

the music the competition is hearing currently as Radec gathers his troops, leading up to february...and er, just pretend there is no title screen for the game the music is actually from...or something...

Nicaragua175686d ago

Killzone 2=GOTC(Game Of The Century).It will convert many Xbots into ps3 owners LOL.That's how powerful Killzone 2 will be.

SONYSLAVE5686d ago

but there is millions of gamers that doesn't even know that killzone is a game.

Why o why5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

killzone looks like it will release its unfairly soiled name from the history books with this gen defining gem

el_bandito5686d ago

Indeed. It deserves the hype. The only thing on our minds right now is if it will "live up to" the hype, and I'm guessing it will.

beavis4play5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

sorry, wrong reply.

Tomdc5686d ago

yeh sure... us lot are hyped for good reason, but will the average playstation 3 owner by hyped?

house5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

2009 will sure be a great year for gaming theres going to be a crap load of stuff for the ps3 well looks like i am going to be broke most of 09 jk

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Nathan Drake5686d ago

It had the thrill of Gears 1 multiplayer,the tactical element of Team Fortress 2,and the pacing of COD4.

SRU96005686d ago

...and no Deathmatch mode.

Seriously, why the developers did not include a straight-up Deathmatch mode is beyond me (and beyond lame).

thereapersson5686d ago

no Deathmatch mode? That's odd...

Can anyone confirm this?

Sarcasm5686d ago

"no Deathmatch mode? That's odd... "

There is, it's called "Body Count"

I don't know what that guy above is talking about.

It's also the beta, so they limit the kind of games you can start. I'm sure the full multiplayer will let you start "Body Count only" servers.

SRU96005686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

"Body Count" is Team Deathmatch. I am talking about an "every man for himself" type of Deathmatch.

It's not available in Killzone 2, and that sucks.

thor5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

Deathmatch is rarely played if you think about it. It is fun, but in most team-based games you only play it as a distraction every now and again. Counter-strike is an example of a game where there was no deathmatch, or at least I never played it. But nobody asked for it because it's hard to be slow and tactical when you're running around fragging everyone you see. I never played deathmatch in COD4 and rarely in Warhawk. It's not that big a loss.

Oh and yes it's confirmed that there is no deathmatch mode. Only team deathmatch. The devs listed all the available gameplay modes I think there are:
Capture & Hold
Search & Retrieve
Search & Destroy
Body Count (Team Deathmatch)
And you can play any of these on their own, or mix them up within the same game.

SRU96005686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

You can't be serious, thor.

Deathmatch is the most basic of multiplayer modes. It's what many people think of when you mention online gaming.
It is universally loved by millions of gamers, and not including it in Killzone 2 is simply retarded.

I play Deathmatch because I am better than most people at playing FPS games. Forcing me to play on a "team" of noobs and downright idiots really sucks.

thor5686d ago

Yeah but deathmatch is almost always the exact same, no matter what game you play it in. It would get rid of what makes KZ2 online unique. Killzone 2 is designed to be team-based and tactical, and adding deathmatch would not fit with the other modes. Do Socom and Counter-Strike have deathmatch modes? Maybe they're there somewhere but nobody plays them. I don't think anybody plays Warhawk deathmatch anymore.

If you're worried about being forced onto a team of noobs, either join a clan so they're NOT noobs, or just go rambo on your opponents. That's what you'd do in deathmatch anyway.

It's tempting to say they must include it because it's a staple of FPS. But I think it would feel tacked-on.

Of course I wouldn't object if it were included, but I'm not really going to miss it.

Dark General5686d ago

No "Deathmatch" works for me. Team Fortress 2 to me (the best online game i've played yes better than CoD) has no deathmatch in it. It's a emphasis on team play and that to me trumps "I'mma kill everyone i see screw me team mates" that you always see in those deathmatch heavy online games. In fact i applaud GG for leaving it out.

SRU96005686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

I realize that some people don't care about the Deathmatch mode, but myself and many others wish that they would have scrapped at least one of those silly modes and added Deathmatch in its place.

I also realize that many people absolutely refuse to say a negative thing in regards to Killzone 2. Heck, they could announce tomorrow that they are removing multiplayer entirely and people would be on here saying "you know, people don't really play online anymore. I'm actually glad that they removed the multiplayer from the game". lol

TheExecutive5686d ago

Ugh, Deathmatch... Good riddens to bad rubbish.

Deathmatch is completely and utterly lame. Run around and shoot people in the back all the while getting shot in the back, fun stuff

baum5686d ago

But when you have 32 players online, it doesn't make much sense to play deathmatch. It's a chaotic mess and usually the matches are taken by two or three guys, while the rest just keeps dying without knowing who the hell shot them.

I do agree that it was basic though, and they should have added it for whoever wants to try it. After all, it doesn't require much balancing or matchmaking, basically the guns and ensuring most people are the same level instead of ensuring two or four teams are the same level and giving them missions to complete.

Kleptic5686d ago

its by no means 'lame' that it doesn't have a straight up DM...any true class based multiplayer shooter doesn't have it is impossible to have one class that isn't severly overpowered when playing others...

in Killzone 2 that would easily be the assault class...everyone would go that and a VC9 missile launcher...and it would be Quake III with 10 years worth of graphical improvements...

the beta forum addressed this numerous times...the final release may have a full deathmatch option on a custom basis...where players simply pick a faction and a class, and weapons, and go from there...obviously almost every class would be pointless aside from the assault, as the class system is built on giving other players on your own team supportive abilities...

so even if its in the final will still anyone that didn't have assault unlocked...would get absolutely crushed by those who did...

the missile launcher spamming was bad enough as it was in the beta...let alone making a game mode dedicated to it...but this is a standard situation for class based rarely find a deathmatch option standard, and if you do...its rarely played...

it hurts my brain trying to figure out why someone is whining that it wasn't there...a game that actually forces you to use team work to complete objectives is the were in the beta?...and had a problem with it not allowing you to just run around aimlessly firing rockets at people?...chances are you will get that option in the final just seems so pointless to me based on how the multiplayer is set up in Killzone 2...

Dark General5686d ago

It's not so much a point of me "not caring about deathmatch" it's just that the emphasis on Killzone 2's online seem to be class based team play. It doesn't make much sense to tack it on if the online component they are building up isn't based on JUST running around and shooting. It's like Kleptic said some classes are better suited for running and gunning than others.

It's like imaging TF2 with a death match mode. Everyone would be Soldiers, Engineers and Heavies. No one would be a sniper, medic, spy, scout etc. Just doesn't fit with the game ya dig? As for not saying anything bad about KZ2. Trust me i've taken my fair share of disagree's for saying that the A.I looks sketchy and i hope they boost it more than enough times. I also harked on animations which was putrid at making smooth transitions. Animations have been fixed and i hear the A.I was dumbed down. But i'm still sketchy on the A.I.

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felidae5686d ago

WWWTTTTTFFFF? no single player deathmatch in KZ2???

that svcks