L.A. Noire Preview

Many cinematic genres have migrated to games console experiences over the years, but the classic film noir is not one that springs to mind. Team Bondi, a new company whose founder (Brendan McNamara) was behind 'The Getaway', have been looking to fill that gap in the market with PS3 exclusive 'L.A. Noire'.

Read on to get all the information on this new IP from Rockstar

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Siesser4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

It says in the link that this game is a PS3 exclusive... is this not the case?

Regardless, I've never been a fan of the open-ended sandbox stuff (GTA, Saints Row, etc.), and so when I heard that Rockstar was attached to this, I immediately kind of cast it to the side. But after watching the trailer, it does look interesting. And Rockstar's only publishing the game, not making it.