Game-Ending Left 4 Dead Glitch owner Ryan Rigney runs into a game-ending glitch on more than one occasion in Left 4 Dead. We must demand a patch now! Skip to about 4:30 in the video to see the problem.

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Nicaragua174303d ago

LOL Xbox 360 games are riddled with glitches and frame rate issues!!

RKRigney4303d ago

Lol okay. *coughlaircough* WHATWHOSAIDTHAT?!?

meatnormous4302d ago

this is his christmas present, NICE TO KNOW!

PoSTedUP4303d ago

game looks fun, only on xbox360... oh wait...

SONYSLAVE4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

Final Fantasy 13 tekken 6 will be fun, only on PS3...oh wait...

lol silly dr0id

PoSTedUP4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

of course they will be fun, they were ps3 exclusives silly wabbit.

hombrehambre4303d ago

Oh wow. That must have sucked. If that was in versus mode then that was about EIGHT whole levels in. All wasted..

Stoneroses63004303d ago

I read somewhere that the infected can actually push those trolleys like that... I wonder if that's what happened?

TheIneffableBob4303d ago

It was fixed in the PC version very shortly after the exploit was found.

Expect a 360 patch in 2010.

4302d ago
blueb00ger4302d ago

yea it's done by a hunter just attacking the trolley.

i witnessed it while my cousin was playing a couple days ago. he was infected and this other person was up there doing it from the very beginning. the survivors got stuck there for like 10 mins or so then my cousin decided to move it. not a glitch but very cheap exploit of hunter's ability to move stuff.

gaminoz4302d ago

OOOO that sucks. I hope they fix it up before I play...even if it is 'not a glitch' it isn't fun gameplay...

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yoghurt4303d ago

Huh? a high scoring xbox 360 game with a major glitch that didn't cause the reviews to slip? no way?

4302d ago
solar4302d ago

@ arrrgh...

you hit it right on the money. its the same with patches/fixes that are the norm for developers nowadays. when you put your product in the hands of smart gamers they do things you could not have ever imagined as a developer.

pixelsword4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

I'm not dogging your point, which I do agree with in terms of things that can happen.

Maybe you mean that the zombie that pushes the cart can get killed before the cart can be pushed away.

Yipee Bog4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

just a never ending zombie type of thing? whats the incentive to keep playing? is there leveling/abilities? from what i have seen and the demo, its just go to saferoom, kill, find safe room, kill. A fairly shallow game. Why do it feel like your a window on rails? is there no weight or physics to this game? the appeal must be the co op

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The story is too old to be commented.