Every Gran Turismo Game Ranked

Gran Turismo is a series beloved by all kinds of people, from casual gamers to proper sim racing enthusiasts. With the 25th anniversary of the Gran Turismo series being celebrated this year, we decided to rank down every mainline Gran Turismo game released over the years.

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Spartacus10240d ago

"Although Driveclub didn’t do well at all, the damage was already done to GT6."

LMAO driveclub was the best racing game on ps4

LordStig240d ago

Quit praising Driveclub, that game was pretty and that was it. The only thing DC will be remembered for is its rain physics. Not it's content, cars, ai and definatly not its gameplay because DriveClub plays like S#1t on a steering wheel i know i've tried it.

Spartacus10240d ago

Nah, DC only got shit on because of the painfully slow loading times. Its not a sim so maybe wasnt optimised for steering wheels but it still had more content and better AI than most GT games. And you didnt have to give up your job for a realistic chance to unlock and play with all of the top cars.

darthv72240d ago

3 is perhaps still my favorite in terms of jaw dropping first time experiences. It was just amazing going from the PS1 to PS2. 5 on the PS3 would be a close second but I was already spoiled by the jump in tech from PS2-3 so it wasnt as awe inspiring but still pretty great.

gamerz240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Me too. PS2 with two wheels was amazing. You just couldn't believe you playing this at home. Split screen Burnout was soooo fun!

Jls1240d ago

GT4 is my favorite and GT7 is the worst it’s not even close

TheColbertinator240d ago

GT3 is my favorite. The jump from PS1 to PS2 was unbelievable

Flawlessmic240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

GT4 - the goat

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