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Chris Carter: "I want to make this clear: without microtransactions in play at all, Diablo Immortal is actually a fun little multiplayer-centric take on the formula, especially on its native mobile home. At the end of the day, it’s free. Boot it up, finish the critical path, get to 60, and see how it grabs you. I don’t think it’s going to win over anyone who is disenfranchised by the series, but for folks looking for a dungeon crawling diversion, it definitely serves its purpose: and has room to grow. Hopefully that growth involves less microtransactions."

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LordoftheCritics241d ago

6 is my rating as well.

Its a downgraded Diablo 3 thats fun till lvl 30. Exactly when the lvl gating kicks in.

anast241d ago

It's worse than I thought.

DragonWarrior19241d ago

It's a Cellphone version of Diablo, did you think it was going to be as in depth as Diablo 2 or 3? It's Diablo-lite, a hold over until what we are all really waiting for Diablo 4. 6/10 is pretty fair though, wasn't expecting much more than Diablo-lite. People are being babies about the microtransactions though. They are completely ignorable.

LordoftheCritics241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

No one is mad that its a mobile game. ''Do you not have phones'' phase already had its meme days.

Yes the microtransactions are completely ignorable if you dont want more power and the feeling of progression. This isnt even about leaderboards. Im talking about mid to high lvl power for related difficulty tiers and clear speeds that you would see in Diablo 3 or any other arpg.

Lets do that to all games. No need to gear up and min max to your hearts desires, lets all be happy with the bare minimum.

DragonWarrior19240d ago


Clearly you haven't played because the MTs are completely ignorable, progression is 100% doable without any issues and you feel more than powerful. I haven't died once in the game and I'm nearing 40 and haven't paid a cent. Yeah if you are terrible at stat management of course you are going to suck. Again you are comparing this to a full Diablo game. This is a cellphone game. A very watered down version. Naturally it won't in depth. If you were expecting that than you were expecting something that they weren't even remotely advertising.

Kaii241d ago

"Hopefully that growth involves less microtransactions"