Forza Horizon 5 Surpasses 20 Million Player Accounts

The celebrated racing game has hit 20 million accounts in just seven months.

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rlow1247d ago

Doesn’t surprise me In the least. Fun game.

darkrider247d ago

This means that millions with GP didn't even try one of the only new games Microsoft got this Gen...

Tacoboto247d ago

20 million is quite a few million more than the amount of new Xbox's out there... so there's actually a very good chance this game's been played on the majority of the new gen systems.

SpineSaw247d ago

There are some 45m Xbox One consoles and 15m Xbox Series consoles as well as the PC market. Microsoft is reporting the 20m number of all games sold and Game Pass where some could pay a little as $1 to play FH5 so 20m may look good but as the article says "its not the monthly active user number". The MAU is the more important number and there's a reason their not giving it out. I played it for a couple hrs on a Xbox Series S it does look pretty but its missed the fun factor and I was bored and have not returned.

AmUnRa246d ago

The game is on Xbox one, xbox one X on PC on Xbox series S and X on Gamepass, so its NOT only on Xbox series S and X, lets be true about that...

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thesoftware730247d ago

Lol, not everyone who subs to GP or owns a console plays racing games.

That goes for all consoles including PC.

What a silly spin on such good numbers and a great game.

Witchcraft247d ago

Pick any PS4 game. Most PS4 owner haven't bought it. Which means exactly nothing.

RosweeSon247d ago

They got cod and Fifa and Ubisoft they good 🥱

itsmebryan246d ago

Every game is not for everyone. Just look at "Returnal" . Sony sold @ 20 million PS5 consoles and Returnal has sold less than 1 million copies. That means over18 million didn't bother to play and only 5% of PS5 owners picked it up.

By comparison in your opinion what game is doing better FH5 or Returnal?

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brewin247d ago

Awesome game but where's the expansion?!

FPS_D3TH247d ago

Fun game with plenty of lame bugs that still plague the series though.

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dumahim247d ago

Gotta love that after all this time, I fire up the game for the new season and it loads the placeholder season stuff. So you sit through the loading, then showing the map with all the "new" events popping up on the map. I exit out and then it loads the season again with the correct info to sit through all over again. Every. Damn. Week.

FPS_D3TH247d ago

Lmao 13 disagrees. Y’all obviously don’t play this game online

itsmebryan246d ago

What bugs have you come across?

FPS_D3TH246d ago

Desync like crazy. I’ve come 2nd when i was very much in first and at the last stretch the dude just zooms right by me . More desync with players who hit me but then have shown me video proof they never actually came close to hitting me and yet on my end I got rear ended and pushed off the road. No traffic on pc online. Convoys are buggy and almost always have to be restarted after a race. For a while you couldn’t upload any livery’s because people were getting banned for no reason for their creations

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