Resident Evil 4 Remake Announcement Reignited Interest in a Code Veronica Remake

The announcement that a Resident Evil 4 remake has reignited interest for a Code Veronica remake among fans.

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XiNatsuDragnel358d ago

I rather get the code Veronica remake wayyy before re4 remake in my opinion.

RaidenBlack358d ago

Capcom should've gone with the Code Veronica Remake for now and kept the RE4 Remake for a later time when the RE Engine would've matured even more. And also distance itself a bit aesthetically from the recently released and also quite similar looking RE VIII.

KeyAppearance357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Noticed that myself too, how a lot of the aesthetic would potentially now match with Village, which well, pretty much looks inspired by RE4 itself.

KeyAppearance357d ago

Yeah, love RE4 but would assume Code Veronica would be a lot fresher to more people.

DeathTouch357d ago

Yep, I don’t think that they will go back now, sadly.

jBlakeeper357d ago

Same. I don’t think we will see it tbh.

Shinox357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Here's some reality check about current greedy Capcom :
1 - CVX will never get a remake and will never happen even if the demand is high
2 - The game got some touchy subjects for its time to fit in current day standards
3 - Greedy Capcom want them normies / casuals they NEVER cared about the fans EVER

if they cared they would have listened to the massive demand for an HD remaster for Outbreak , fans been asking for this for a long time and to this day nothing happened

XiNatsuDragnel357d ago

I know sadly there are going to destroy re4 by making this remake in my opinion and there Is nothing we can do all we can do is ask capcom for that code Veronica remake.

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X-23357d ago

Code Veronica was really good, would have enjoyed that being revisited more than RE4 if I'm being honest.
Alfred Ashford's laugh in 4k supported by the RE Engine, damn right, sign me up.
Although I fear because of all the modern day drama over any little thing his character would likely be changed as to not offend any one.

Concertoine357d ago

This is what I was thinking too. The backstory and actions of that character might be perceived as an attack, which is dumb. Who is to say a cross dresser can't be a villain?

I just think Code V deserves a remake because it has easily aged worse than the other games (though still very good). There are parts of it that are very spooky and imagine if they leaned harder towards the moodiness of some of the settings over the campiness of the acting.

-Foxtrot357d ago

Never thought of that

He went crazy and cross dressed as her so I don’t know how they’d do that

Although I mean Psycho is still a much loved horror film and he dressed up as his mother in that so as long as they don’t say anything bad or outdated they could still do it.

Ashunderfire86356d ago

That was truly my favorite Resident Evil game! Code Veronica love ❤️ that game on the Dreamcast! But as a refresher, what was so offensive about Alfred Ashford? It’s Been so long since I played that game during the early 2000s.

DeathTouch356d ago

Nothing, really. Claire calls him a “crossdressing freak” and, TBH, that is the only line that would need to be rewritten to avoid some sort of misunderstanding. Alfred himself having psychological issues trying to emulate his sister would be mostly fine, IMO.

CrimsonWing69357d ago

That’s what I wish they did from the beginning. I think this one will be one of the least interesting Remakes unless they do some radical changes but make it still feel like a full game.

InklingGirl357d ago

It should of been Code Veronica anyway, how many ports of RE4 has there been? I’m tired of seeing the game at this point.

SIdepocket357d ago

They should. For its time, the scope and story of this game were epic.

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