Someone Recently Unlocked An Achievement In GoldenEye 007 For Xbox

A Rare employee, in fact

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Knightofelemia290d ago

Hopefully Amazon and EON are nice enough to allow this game to come out. And yes Amazon owns MGM who in turn owns 50% of James Bond and EON owns the other 50%. I still love loading this game on my N64 and playing it.

jjb1981289d ago

This is the reason why physical games need to continue to exist. These trademark and copyright laws only last for so long before the the digital versions get patched and music gets removed or somebody gets their feelings hurt in an office and decides that 007 doesn't need a reboot.

NotoriousWhiz289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

Um what? Pre existing digital versions do not get altered after the fact because of copyright laws, trademarks, or someone's feelings lol. Yes, physical games need to continue to exist but that's mainly so consumers can continue to have options.

Ryushaa288d ago

@NotoriousWhiz I see you don't know what you are talking about huh!? Type something like: "classic vice city steam music" on any search engine, or on Steam Discussion of GTA: Vice City search the topic: "On the subject of... REMOVED MUSIC!"
You will see that ONLINE VERSIONS of classic games are "updated" as their music license get expired. Because the publisher can't 'publish' the music after the license period, even for first timer buyers.
If they could 'somehow' the Record Label OvERlOrDs would remove their music from your physical media as well.

CobraKai288d ago

It’s why games like Forza gets delisted digitally. Licenses expire and they can’t sell the game anymore. I can at least pop the disc in and play it. Same with the real GTA trilogy. But even with physical games nowadays, companies can patch and alter the game as they see fit. So if Nintendo didn’t like my copy of Ocarina of Time having red blood or religious music, they can take it right out. I’m so glad my old system are more hardwired.

NotoriousWhiz288d ago

@Ryushaa, I stand corrected. But for the record, it was also removed from the physical version of Vice City for PC as well. If you purchased before the patch, then you can downgrade the game to get the original songs back. If you purchased after the patch, you have no means of playing the original songs. This applies to both the physical and digital versions. Rockstar gonna Rockstar.

Knightofelemia288d ago

@ Notorious Whiz

Digital games do get altered GTA is a shining example due to the music and the license agreements that took place. Yes as an example the Beatles might say yes you can add Yellow Submarine to Vice City when the game came out at that time. But because the game has also been rereleased Rockstar would have to approach the Beatles again and ask them if they can readd the Yellow Submarine to the game. If the Beatles say no then Rockstar has to find someone else whose music can fill that gap. If Rockstar added the music without the Beatles permission then Rockstar will face a lawsuit. And yes games can be altered because people get offended and butthurt real easily nowadays.

-Foxtrot288d ago

See this is why I wished I kept my old GTA Vice City copy, so I would at least have all the music included they eventually took out.

I feel for people who don't have their old Sonic cartridges and the like since some music was took out of them aswell with the whole Michael Jackson thing.

If Rockstar and SEGA gave us newer versions WITH everything still included at least then you'd have a bigger reason to buy the physically. I don't know why they didn't, at least for a few years so we could grab physical versions.

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RosweeSon289d ago

Amazon won’t agree to nothing without a price

Obscure_Observer288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

"Hopefully Amazon and EON are nice enough to allow this game to come out. And yes Amazon owns MGM who in turn owns 50% of James Bond and EON owns the other 50%."

I believe MS got it all covered. Otherwise they would not bother and make this game (hopefully) available on Xbox.

If this game really drop on Xbox, I´m gonna gather my friends for some real amazing and nostalgic couch PvP action just like the old N64 days.

Only six days left. Hype´s about to reach max level!!!

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SoulWarrior288d ago

Def interested in giving this a go, purely for nostalgic reasons.

whitbyfox288d ago

There better be an achievement for stacking 20 remote mines against a wall and seeing the results when you press the button.

autobotdan288d ago

Oh man I hope this is not the biggest announcement at the June 12 xbox event. I really hope that this is the worst announcement on June 12 and lots of bigger announcements than this

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