Final Fantasy 16 Could Be The Best Game This Series Has Ever Seen

The Gamer Writes "Final Fantasy hasn’t felt this confident since the trifecta of 7, 8, and 9 on the original PlayStation. Back in the day, it was the biggest JRPG franchise on the planet, and still very much is, but modern rivals like Persona and Fire Emblem have humbled Square Enix and forced it to stop relying on nostalgia and conjure up new ideas that continue to surprise."

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lelo2play178d ago

FF15 was crap. FF7 Remake was okish. Have my doubts about FF16.

Exvalos178d ago

I'll agree 15 is really.not very good and as a final fantasy fanboy I fought very hard to enjoy the game but I just cant. But your take on ff7 remake is ridiculous. The game is amazing

Lexreborn2178d ago

Something people don’t seem to understand is you dont HAVE to like every entry a game releases. I’m not a fan of 12, 13-3 or 6. Doesn’t mean they are crap, they just didn’t click for me.

-Hermit-178d ago

"But your take on ff7 remake is ridiculous"

So what you are saying is that somebody has to have the same opinion as you, and if they don't, then they are ridiculous......

Godmars290178d ago

Its a good game - more than likely - but its got modern remake stink on it. Uses established lore while remaking that same lore. Like cutting a tree branch you're sitting on.

My issue's always been indicated direction. That since FF10-2 its been more about entertainment than telling and involving a player in what's suppose to be a game, where FF13 (series) was the worst example.

-Foxtrot178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

You want to know my “ridiculous” take

I think the FVII Remake was a decent game but I don’t think it was as AMAZING as people went on about, I wanted a remake, I got a reimagining with some silly timey whimy whispers of fate bullshit that felt like it was from a Kingodm Hearts game

Am I saying the game is bad, shit, awful, not good…of course not but I just don’t think it was as good as people made out

Personally I think because Final Fantasy 13 and 15 were disappointing as f*** overall, the bar was lower.

I’m still excited for the next game but if I had the choice for just a straight up remake with a few expanded areas here and there then I’d have taken that instead.

If they wanted a reimagining why not commit to it and drop the “remake” part.

Imagine the opening scene and instead of Cloud jumping off the train it was Zack, we would play him instead. Why? Well that would be the mystery of the new game to understand what’s just happened..

DOMination-178d ago

I think a lot of FF7r was pretty good. Ironically, for ME, the worst parts were some of the new bits they added. ie. the bit going through a very long tunnel moving mechanical arms.. the bit where you are just under the plates taking out the lights.. the tedious drum section.. they didn't really add anything meaningful to the original and felt like it was just a way of extending the game length. For the most part though, I enjoyed revisiting Midgar

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porkChop178d ago

Idk, I thought FF7R was good. As for XVI it just doesn't look like Final Fantasy to me. It seems like a straight up action game rather than an RPG. It's got a very good team behind it so I'm sure the game will be good. But an action game being the best entry in an RPG series? At that point it would be better than FF VI, VII, VIII, and IX. I don't know about about that. I understand people being excited for a new FF game but some people need to chill with the hyperbole.

Lightning Mr Bubbles178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I personally think the FF7 Remake is the real Final Fantasy right now. They're going all out with the remake turning into a 3 part series. I thought the 1st part already released was excellent, the only down side was that it wasn't the complete story, but it did an amazing job of introducing us to the world and characters of FF7, and I'm more emotionally involved with the FF7 remake than I've been for any FF game since FFX with Tidus and Yuna. I think the FF7 remake is going to be our true Final Fantasy fix for a while to come. I mean I don't see part 2 of the remake coming out till at least 2024 and then part 3 possibly 2028. This isn't just a remake, there're going all out and possibly even changing the story.

As far as FF16, it looks like an interesting game. But it's definitely a different type of game made by a different team. Kind of like how FF12 was different. I don't expect to feel the same kind of emotion with FF16, it looks more like an action game but it still might have a good story. The giant summons look intense and it seems like they're going to be part of the story. Could turn out to be a very good game.

Snookies12178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Yep, I've been mentioning this every time. It's being created by the best team possible in Square-Enix right now. Being led by the best person possible in Square-Enix right now. And they're utilizing an engine that the team has been using for years and years thanks to FF XIV's ongoing success. Which in turn means, they already know what they're doing with it. No technical hiccups, so to speak through the development process. It's going to be amazing, I don't have a doubt in my mind.

Kind of excited it's got a year to go... Especially since they've already stated they're nearly finished. This means they are most likely using a good chunk of that time simply polishing and adding mini-games, side content, etc. With so much side content in FF XIV, I'm pretty certain that they'll be loading this one up with it as well!

Cackocacho178d ago

"It's being created by the best team possible in Square-Enix right now."

The best team possible at SE right now, are still unable to put out a game, that doesn't end up in the bargain bin after 6 - 8 weeks.

I won't be here to see your reaction, but when you see FF 16 "on sale" for about half price after about 2 months? You'll remember this comment.

tay8701177d ago

not gonna happen. let me guess you think starfield will be the better game next yr. lmao. yes square has shit the bed with some of their releases, usually it is not the mainline final fantasy games though. as mentioned above, the group making the game are elite level and have made some of the greatest JRPGs ever made. serious 2023 game of the yr contender already. you wont get in on xbox, but likely after 6 months or so you will be able to pick it up on PC. BTW just warning you, youll have to pay full price. :-)

Chriswynnetbh177d ago

So much this. Square Enix hasn't put out a good game in years. Every mainline FF game since 12 has been trash and they see literally butchering FFVII before our very eyes with this nonsense alternate timeline sequel garbage. Not to mention the second installment is nowhere in sight. They have absolutely no idea what to do with FF and it is on it's last leg with the only thing propping it up being nostalgia.

Imalwaysright178d ago

Do you think that this team has what it takes to surpass the legendary Squaresoft? I doubt it but I hope you're right.

-Gespenst-178d ago

It just doesn't look novel to me. Every FF game has always looked so new and fresh, but this looks like typical medieval high fantasy with a few little JRPG-ish things in it. It also kind of looks like nothing that they haven't already done with XIV. I'll still buy and play it because I'm a fan of the series, and I've played many of the games, but I can't imagine this one even coming close to being my favourite.

onisama178d ago

Yeah i don't know why it looked like a small chinese studio game for me... Maybe the art? Or the effects? Or the non unique characters? Maybe all of the above

Gardenia178d ago

The people who says this looks good probably have not played the old Final Fantasy games. Like you said, it does not look new and fresh. Graphically this looks pretty boring with almost everything the same color. Just like FFXV the characters aren't memorably either.

I wish they would make Final Fantasy game with the quality of FFVI, VII, VIII and IX. Those games are still the greatest Final Fantasy games out there. But it looks like they don't know how to make games like that anymore.

shinoff2183177d ago

Speaking the truth. The older ones are much much better and actually were jrpgs. These new ones are just action games

GoodGuy09178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Post X and not including the mmo games yes. I'm only disappointed that 16 is very actiony but yoshi-p is at the helm so I do have hope.

178d ago
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