Amazon takes on PS5 and Xbox scalpers with a new invite system

The goal is to help legitimate shoppers get their hands on in-demand products..

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Orchard184d ago

The easiest way to get these consoles is via Walmart+, they stay in stock there for long periods of time.

mandf184d ago

No way they stay in stock for hours or minutes as soon as they drop they sell out.

darthv72184d ago

I know WM+ offers a 30 day free trial but not sure if that qualifies to get a PS5. I've read that if you get the free trial, you have to wait a little bit in order to get something that in demand. As people would just join for free, get the system and then cancel. WM sort of thought that through so you cant be a free member and right away get a 5.

So maybe in Orchards example he is right. At least... 5 would tend to remain active for slightly longer than if there was no paid membership required as not every scalper would want to pay to be a member just to get a 5 (some maybe, but not all)

Orchard184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

@mandf They stay in stock for a while - barely anyone subscribes to W+ compared to services like Amazon Prime. They have regular restocks too. I've managed to nab next gen consoles every time they open on W+ without any real effort.

@darthv72 Yeah, Walmart's new system is actually pretty good. They queue folk like Sony does, but the queue maxes out at about 20m, and then limit you to one of each console variant per drop (e.g. you can combine digital + physical PS5), and you can go back and buy them again in future drops.

Not sure if you can nab them via a W+ trial but you did remind me - for folk reading this in the US, it's worth checking out your credit cards, I managed to nab a 1 year W+ subscription for free via my credit cards perks program.

Also, Walmart MX permanently has PS5 in stock... so you could pick one up if you live near the border or visit/have family there - they should move that stock to the US (I realize thats probably easier said than done, and it may be localized in Spanish).

_SilverHawk_184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Two years late. All retail shops should have been doing this two years ago

Ashunderfire86184d ago

No the easiest way is from Target 🎯 and that’s where I got my PS5 at launch. First setup your personal info on the Target website and to make sure you have access to paying on PayPal. Then you pick up the PS5 for local pickup. That is the easiest way to secure one ☝️ Scalpers can’t get multiple PS5s from local pickups .

Knightofelemia183d ago (Edited 183d ago )


Whether online or physically going into the store the moment a PS5 or a Series X are in stock they disappear fast. You might want to refresh your Walmart page from time to time.

Orchard183d ago

The ones that are online only and locked behind the Walmart+ subscriptions are easy to get with no crazy rushing or effort.

I’ve consistently gotten the maximum per drop with ease.

Duke19184d ago

Until demand dies down, im all for companies coming down hard with anti-scalping techniques. Was lucky enough to get one in a Walmart+ drop a while back, but feel for the number of people that paid for some of the ridiculous markups that were out there

Mr_cheese184d ago

More companies need to up their anti scalping game and I'm not talking just retailers. Tickets for events are just as bad, if not worse due to their limited nature.

darthv72184d ago

With the way mfg is going... there isnt really much a company can do to stop it. Flooding the market with product is usually what it takes to get scalpers to drop out as they cant corner the market so no $$ in it for them. As a consumer, dont buy from a scalper and soon they have to lower their prices or leave the market.

To the companies, a sell is a sell. And they have no control over what happens after. I could have sold my 5 but I wanted it for myself. So i kept it. I just happened to be lucky enough to get one from gamestop as a bundle. Making forced bundles or memberships is one way to slow down the scalpers. Many dont want to have to pay more themselves to get one to flip, but it happens. I liked the invitation approach from Sony direct, it still doesnt stop scalping, but tends to give a more fighting chance.

184d ago
FlameWater184d ago

Scalpers and retailers both know the fomo buyers have already died off. This is simply posturing.

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