Knockout City Is Now Free-To-Play

The hit competitive dodgeball game Knockout City has gone free-to-play, breaking off from EA—you can pick it up on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC right now.

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Palitera367d ago

Just another chapter in the pitiful PS+ game over, with its F2P, demos and GAAS offerings.

Thank God it is migrating to a better format.

Germaximus367d ago

It's not migrating to anything. It's literally just a name change.

Syphos367d ago

Might jump back into this game, bought it a while back and glad to see them seperating themselves so they can focus on the future of this game, F2P can be great it all is a matter of who's behind the wheel and so far this game has never had insanely overpriced items and everything can be unlocked just by playing (not grinding an insane amount either).

Inverno367d ago

Should've been free from the get go tbh