12 Things Fans Want in the New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)

With the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II releasing soon, FPS Champion created a list of what fans need to stay the same and what they want to be changed in the sequel.

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GoodGuy09295d ago

I just want to see the intervention again with its original sound lol. Can't wait for the campaign if the mp doesn't do it for me at least.

The-Matrix-has-you295d ago

Good list. I would add that they need to completely separate MW2 from the other games and warzone. Like I literally don’t want to see anything other than the game I want to play get installed. With the way they have been doing things we will have:
MW1, MW2, Cold War, Vanguard and Warzone all on the same application. Which is completely ridiculous.

Ethereal295d ago

Agreed. I stopped playing due to all the issues with installations resetting prompting 45 GB downloads I'd already completed a week before. They need to keep these offerings separate.

sourOG295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

They mentioned that but I agree. “No third wheel”. As much as I want to buy this on mw2 nostalgia alone i won’t buy a cod until they fix their file sizes. A solid, dark campaign and the usual multiplayer with some enhancements. There is no reason for that shit to be 100 gigs and I won’t support it. Hopefully MS fixes that.

I like the dynamic weather and day/night cycle maps idea. It’s a good way to break the repetition of cod mp.

victorMaje294d ago

Good list, please, for the love of anything that is holy, fix your file sizes & content delivery system.

I should not have to re-download GBs of data just because the game decided to delete it, or even worse that I don’t have it when I clearly do, even more worse this affecting the SP campaign where I end up having to re-download the files if I have the arrogance of feeling like I want to revisit it…

RioKing294d ago

What a great idea, this would be fantastic!

"11. Dynamic Maps with Weather and Night/Day Cycles
This is something that Call of Duty never dared to explore. It would help make the maps feel less repetitive. Having a weather system that sometimes is cloudy, other times is a little rainy and others sunny will be amazing and refreshing for the franchise."

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