12 Things Fans Want in the New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)

With the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II releasing soon, FPS Champion created a list of what fans need to stay the same and what they want to be changed in the sequel.

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GoodGuy09717d ago

I just want to see the intervention again with its original sound lol. Can't wait for the campaign if the mp doesn't do it for me at least.

The-Matrix-has-you717d ago

Good list. I would add that they need to completely separate MW2 from the other games and warzone. Like I literally don’t want to see anything other than the game I want to play get installed. With the way they have been doing things we will have:
MW1, MW2, Cold War, Vanguard and Warzone all on the same application. Which is completely ridiculous.

Ethereal716d ago

Agreed. I stopped playing due to all the issues with installations resetting prompting 45 GB downloads I'd already completed a week before. They need to keep these offerings separate.

sourOG716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

They mentioned that but I agree. “No third wheel”. As much as I want to buy this on mw2 nostalgia alone i won’t buy a cod until they fix their file sizes. A solid, dark campaign and the usual multiplayer with some enhancements. There is no reason for that shit to be 100 gigs and I won’t support it. Hopefully MS fixes that.

I like the dynamic weather and day/night cycle maps idea. It’s a good way to break the repetition of cod mp.

victorMaje716d ago

Good list, please, for the love of anything that is holy, fix your file sizes & content delivery system.

I should not have to re-download GBs of data just because the game decided to delete it, or even worse that I don’t have it when I clearly do, even more worse this affecting the SP campaign where I end up having to re-download the files if I have the arrogance of feeling like I want to revisit it…

RioKing716d ago

What a great idea, this would be fantastic!

"11. Dynamic Maps with Weather and Night/Day Cycles
This is something that Call of Duty never dared to explore. It would help make the maps feel less repetitive. Having a weather system that sometimes is cloudy, other times is a little rainy and others sunny will be amazing and refreshing for the franchise."

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EazyC30d ago

MW was an excellent videogame. They messed up Spec Ops big time, but aside from this it was a huge step in the right direction initially. Most notably, at launch it seemed to come from a very cohesive creative vision that was felt across gameplay, to story to art style/visual direction. It was also very notably written by prominent ex-Naughty Dog guys that quit almost immediately before release.

That COMPLETELY dissolved through post-launch content and the full pivot to a "cross-mode" narrative that completely obliterated the cohesion in overall story direction. Warzone then "became" the new face of Call of Duty and the franchise completely removed itself from anything remotely creatively "good". It is a pure money machine, so I kinda get why they're doing it....but I personally completely lost interest.

I would love to see Infinity Ward move off CoD and get to make their own product with full control. They clearly have some massive talent in their ranks but it's perverted by Activision's corporate interests.


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neutralgamer1992307d ago

I really hope we get other activision games on GP soon. My dream would be Scarface but I know the license probably expired

P_Bomb307d ago

Love me some Scarface! I even bought the comics. Yeah, licensing would probably be an impasse.

4Sh0w307d ago

hmmm, coincidence? Either way this is a good sign for gamers after the ABK deal.

porkChop307d ago

I played through Scarface again last year and it still holds up. Such a fun game. I would love for Xbox to get the rights back to remaster Scarface and make a sequel. It sold well and they had plans for Scarface 2, 3, and 4. With how long it takes Rockstar to make games the market is wide open.

TheColbertinator306d ago

That game was so much fun. Expected a cheap GTA clone but it was a good drug empire building game.

shinoff2183306d ago

They didn't just have plans but there's actual gameplay out there for scarface 2

neutralgamer1992306d ago

Seriously man we need games like

True crime
Sleeping dogs
Watch dogs( more like original not legion)
And proper saints row

GTA can’t be the only option we need other games

P_Bomb306d ago

Gun was Activision as well. Nice open world Wild West there imo.

neutralgamer1992305d ago

Gun is such a underrated game

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SlothLordPootus306d ago

None of those games had dedicated servers on console in the first place? Were always player hosted. Did something change?

Rutaprkl306d ago

Older cods like Mw, Mw2 and WaW were way better than Call of Dutys nowadays

GoodGuy09306d ago

Make activision remaster mw2 (2009) multiplayer please xbox.