Take-Two boss warns it ‘may not end well’ for companies betting on blockchain-based metaverses

From VGC: "Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick has expressed his scepticism of the term ‘metaverse’, warning that it may end badly for companies trying to capitalise on the buzzword.

While there’s no universally accepted definition, the ‘metaverse’ is broadly defined as a network of 3D virtual spaces where users can socialise, play and work, and some envision it as a successor to the mobile internet.

Companies such as Sony, Epic, Lego, Meta, Krafton, Bandai Namco and Microsoft are all planning their own takes on the concept."

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MRHARDON293d ago

*Dr Disrespect has left the chat*

Bobertt293d ago

I hope Meta bombs so hard that they have to sell the company. Screw them for ruining Oculus.