'Gran Turismo' (1997) Now Finishes in Last Place

Gran Turismo is still worth looking back at for its enduring legacy and historical significance.

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ApocalypseShadow292d ago

What's the point of this article and title? Bedsides all those ads and pop-up on your page?

You go on to praise the game's significance. But because it's been passed by later games in graphics and features, you're going to say in the article that it finishes last? It's like praising Ford with the first, affordable production car. Then, smear it because it doesn't hold up to modern cars? Really? I would take a Model T out for a spin just as I would play a few laps of GT with that Corvette Stingray. Yup. That one. And a few other cars.

There are gamers like myself that still play PS1 games often. Weekly. Monthly. There's gamers preparing themselves to play PS1 games with trophies on the new PS Plus. For them, maybe it doesn't finish last and is still fun.

And the idea that GT was passed up by Forza is ridiculous. Not in users. Not in sales. Not in worldwide respect. Not in graphics detail. Ever. Motorsport is a nice game. It has never won over drivers worldwide against GT. No increase in Xbox sales because of it over GT and PlayStation. Flash, marketing and advertising dollar spin doesn't equal reality.

YodaCracker292d ago

You conveniently ignored review scores. No Gran Turismo game has scored 90+ on Metacritic in over 20 years, since the PS2!! That’s before Forza even existed. Seven Forza games have scored 90+, as recently as last year. The truth is Gran Turismo has long been surpassed by Forza quality-wise.

Knushwood Butt292d ago

Yeah, but Forza 1 finishes in last place.

neutralgamer1992292d ago

Ye every GT game has outsold Forza by a huge margin. And that's with almost double the Forza games. Forza passing GT is subjective because not 2 weeks ago we had developers talking about how metacritic doesn't matter. You know what matters 10+ million in sales. A publisher rather make over a billion than to get 90+ on metacritic (not saying publishers don't care about quality but that it's a business and sales matter)

GT:P sold more than 5 million and that was a demo and most Forza games can't touch that even now. Sales can't be the dominant figure when it comes to halo and not other games

RedDevils292d ago

Almost no one that interest in Top gear and love cars, care about Forza than GT ever.

Godmars290292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Over the course of decades for GT vs near recent yearly iterations of Forza? If Forza has "surpassed" GT it was through repetition of copying and improving a feature like realistic weather in attempt to match what an earlier version of GT did.

And even then GT is generally regarded as an actual racing sim where Forza is a car porn arcade driver. Talking about review difference within ten points.

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DrDoomer292d ago

From what I can see, Forza Motorsport hasn't hit the 9s since 2011 (the xbox 360 days). You must be comparing GT to Forza Horizon - a completely different type of game.

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Mandingo2020292d ago

Gotta open up these pages on an ad free browser. Then your phone won't get AIDS.

Good-Smurf292d ago

Whats this guy tried to achieve with that headline?
Sounds toxic and clickbaity.

Orbilator292d ago

It was a toxic article with him basically saying that Forza is now the top. Lol

Listen it's ok to have an opinion. Just don't tell everyone it's the truth.

People will always prefer one over the other.
I like FH4 just for the open world messing about. But it's always been GT for racing, maybe the new Forza will fix things, but they had a few goes so far and it still doesn't feel like anything but an arcade racer, and don't get me on to the rewind feature.

Puty292d ago

Guys! Breaking news!
Tekken 1 ... is the worst one 25 years after.

babadivad292d ago

It was the worst one tho.

whitbyfox292d ago

Nah GT 1-3 are the best. They still had the fun simcade handling, sense of speed and the good camera unlike the boring static chase cam view starting in GT4.

Mandingo2020292d ago

This guy's opinion from this website is whack. This article is a "hey look at me article". I feel like the author is Stewart from MADtv. Gran Turismo 1 is not last place.

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