Red Ringed Xbox 360s Still Dog Microsoft

Travis Williams drove around Louisville, Ky. for a week with a busted Xbox 360 in his trunk. It was his third console stricken by the dreaded "Red Ring of Death" - known as "general hardware failure" in the halls of Microsoft.

If you look online, you'll find lots of people like Travis. Really angry people. Every game enthusiast site has multiple forums dedicated to the Red Ring problem – home remedies on how to solve it, condolences for people who've just experienced it, and gamers claiming to be on their fourth, sixth or ninth Xbox 360.

It's been almost a year and a half since Microsoft issued a big "I'm sorry" to consumers, extending the warranty on their Xbox 360s to three years and taking a $1 billion charge against earnings to pay for repairs and beefed-up customer service. But still, the Red Ring of Death dogs the company.

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PoSTedUP4423d ago

ahh my ps3 just died!!!!

PoSTedUP4423d ago

now i cant play any of my great games... (the ones that my ps3 DIDNT scratch) (-_-) this sucks really bad, i wish sony would make their products more reliable man. this is RIDICULOUS. everyone i know had a ps3 die on them. like wtf sony!! XD

earwax4423d ago

Give it a rest. Once the Falcon chips came out this was a thing of the past and I had it TWICE to the point I made them give me another unit. Go worry about how the PS3 is set to have the WORST Christmas of any Sony product EVER. Man,just wait for those sales numbers in January!

callahan094423d ago

Hmm... MSNBC is a Microsoft venture, and they're even acknowledging the frequency of issues regarding the console. The author, who works for Microsoft, says of RROD:

"Everyone I know — myself included — has gotten at least one... However, Microsoft still can’t (or won’t) identify the reasons the Red Rings happen in the first place..."

And talk of 360 owners jumping ship to the PS3. Hmmm...

But, even despite the uncharacteristic honesty about this issue from a Microsoft-owned source, the author still puts some subtle jabs at the PS3 on there, implying that it's best purpose is to play movies (as opposed to games) and just generally making it out as though the PS3 has little good about it except that it doesn't break.

Oh well, at least there's some acknowledgment from big sources, even ones directly affiliated with Microsoft now. This issues being brought to light ... it makes me happy, as me and my brother both, and many of our friends, have been the unlucky recipients of multiple hardware malfunctions with our Xbox 360s. I still have and play my 360, but I'm definitely more supportive of the PS3 right now, because it's an underdog this generaiton, it gets ignored and crapped on a lot (unfairly so), and it has plenty of great games, great online gameplay for free, it's reliable, and Sony's been listening to the fans and improving on the console with new, free features very regularly (in 2008 alone, they brought out trophies, in-game XMB, and Home).

ASSASSYN 36o4423d ago

Must not be that much ship jumping. The 360 is still 2nd place...a firm second place.

tetsuhana4423d ago


DJ4423d ago

23 million vs 18 million vs 30 million. They're all doing pretty good, y'know.

ultimolu4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

In second place and still suffers from the dreaded rings of death.

That's a huge accomplishment aright.

Three years and this is still happening? I would like to buy a console without worrying about whether it will die the next day. I hope the 360 I'm getting for a few rpgs/action games doesn't get that problem.

SONYSLAVE4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

No no jukken. those are the older xbox's, stop giving into the fanboys and believing these fanboy blogs.

you know the RROD is the fuel of sony fanboys in this console war.

EDIT: oh nice try eagle21

eagle214423d ago

Take-two has reported that PS3 is their biggest revenue/profit console:

PS3 35%
360 28%
Wii 11%

Courtesy of

Guess who continues to buys more games and blu-ray with the working smooth hardware? :)

Thatlalala4423d ago

I have (had) a Launch console had it Rrod this year in january. Thank god I had an arcade SKU laying around while it was being repaired. Thought I was one of the lucky few after 2 years. Nope, still got me. Regardless I still play my 360, alot.

SL1M DADDY4423d ago

I am outside of warranty now and have pretty much declared that the next one to RROD will be my last. It's not that I am jaded, I just can't see jumping through the hoops to spend another 200 bucks on something that is not going to last. I also do not want to continue to support the shady practice of releasing faulty hardware knowingly. I will be one of the first to admit that the 360 has some awesome games but I can't see myself buying another after 5 failures already.

Here's to hoping my current 360 lasts the rest of this gen.

TheFreak4423d ago

My friends 360 got the rrod a few days ago. That was one of the new versions where MS said that the problem was fixed. Get your act together MS or get out of the gaming industry!!!

solidt124423d ago

I have been through 2 of them but my launch
PS3 has never failed me.

MorganX4423d ago

Buddy of mine has a 360 with bad DVD. Bought refurbishe, won't work. MS Tech support says he has to but a new replacement for $100. Console less than a year old. He's not going to do it. He's 100% Xbox 360 fanboy, but if he has to spend $100 on a less than a year old machine and argue with MS customer support, he's going to buy a PS3 for Christmas and get Blu-ray to boot.

MS is doing great, but as the failures continue on relatively new machines and Blu-ray picks up, there's goign to be plenty of room for Sony to rebound in a big way.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4423d ago

360 is in 2nd place in console sales and in 1st overall.

Oner4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

Look at all the failed attempts at spinning this somehow by what is no less then immature uninformed & biased children! How is it that

CNN ~ Bashes PS3 with Incorrect/Misinformation = OK (check)
Time ~ Bashes PS3 with Incorrect/Misinformaiton = OK (check)

But when **MS**NBC (you know as in **MICROSOFT**) states FACTS it is false, fake & incorrect?

Seriously. OPEN YOUR EYES & SHUT YOUR MOUTHS because you just don't want to hear the truth. Either grow up or learn to inform yourselves! Because you are doing nothing more than making yourselves look like fools.

Man_of_the_year4423d ago

What the Heck are you talking about. Nobody is saying this is not happening. I think if anything they are all saying that mostly everyone has had an issue.

Your pathetic immature little rant there is unprovoked.

prowiew4423d ago

@man of the year
Same thing I was thinking. Who is Oner reffering? Imaginary enemy friend? probably.

jadenkorri4423d ago

if you plan on getting a 360 for rpgs, u might want to rethink, fable 2 is overall a decent game, but terrible ending, worst ending ever, 2ndly Infinite Undiscover was great, i did enjoy the whole game until again the ending wasn't good, so now im on lost Odysey, ive been assured by many players that this is a very good rpg, i am currently playing it, its great, im worried about the ending, Tales of versperia I started and looked and plays great, but due to rrod a week in had to start over but considering i had over 20 hrs in, but i couldn't keep my Harddrive when i exchanged it...the rpgs ive bought for the 360 so far are not up to par with me on rpgs...

Sarick4423d ago

As long as the RROD ad hardware failures the console will continue to "SHIP" and gain install base numbers.

If you like to chew one brand of GUM it'll sell well because it's consumable. 360 is basically a consumable hardware that is a subscription console. Once it's warranty is out you need to make a new purchase. Excellent way to calculate sales and install bases. The numbers always go up even if people no longer own those replaced consoles.

"none of his friends have a PS3. Like Lawhon, he spends a lot of time on Xbox Live, playing games online with his friends."

Seems like peer pressure in the collages, my bro plays X game and it's fun so I'm gonna play x game.

house4423d ago

it isnt right that ms doesnt even try to fix this problem they say they do all they do is put a diffrent chip that doesnt do a damn thing it isnt far to gamers, i on the other love my ps3 but i know that some people cant buy it so they buy the 360 and microsoft just screws them like this isnt far

SaiyanFury4423d ago

Kind of surprising of an article considering it's coming out of a Microsoft-hosted site.

Saint Sony4422d ago

I really don't get all of you who say you got third or 4th or even 5th Xbox360 going. HOW stupid can one be?

I would get rid of my 360 after 2nd RROD. So far none, I guess I'm really lucky.
It is not worthy of renewing 5 times... what's wrong with you people?

Smells all PS3 fanboy talk to me.

Oner4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

@ Man_of_the_year & prowiew you guys can't be serious?

Sony Slave said

"those are the older xbox's, stop giving into the fanboys and believing these fanboy blogs"

Meanwhile it has been well documented that EVERY model except the newest revision (so far...) have RROD issues. How is that NOT exactly what I am talking about with how much blatant BS'ing there is? Plus how is **MS**NBC a "fanboy blog"? I mean come on! Need I say more?...

But I will because how about the attempts at changing the subject with a lame cover up and lack of acknowledgment that is obvious by ASSASSYN 36o & Jason 360 PLUS the additional ones in the Open Zone like earwax & Citizen Cook (to name a few)! Let's call a spade a spade here people! I was going to even include some of your own past post history Man_of_the_year but I really don't take issue with that since it has nothing to do with this thread. Though I find it odd you take issue with what I said earlier when it is factual...

Anon19744422d ago

I've spent $900 on my 360 so far. The price of the console at launch, extra controllers, wi-fi adapter, Xbox live, charge and play kits, extra battery packs when the others die, extended warranty. I'm on my 4th 360 and at this point I'm so invested in the bloody thing that I'm going to ride it as long as MS keeps fixing it. I have to at least try to get my money's worth out of it. That being said, I've only bought exclusives on my 360 now for over a year because I'm planning for it's demise. If it dies without the warranty, I won't be replacing it and I'm not going to have all my games on the 360 only to have it die on me. And I learned my lesson. I'll never buy another MS console again. What a nightmare it's been.

prowiew4422d ago

Alright oner. i get the point.

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Nicaragua174423d ago

Solution=get your self a ps3,problem solved.Micro$haft doesn't deserve your time and/or money.It's too late for the Xbots,though,they are already fully brainwashed by Micro$haft.

dukadork4423d ago

PS3 never fails: it's on 24/7 rock solid, cool and quiet.
360...? what a POS!

moving on.

smurfie44423d ago

Some people have a high tolerance level. Especially those who have had to replace their console multiple times.

Nogames08_09_360RROD4423d ago

i think you mean:

Some people have being brainwashed. Especially those who have had to replace their console multiple times.

austere4423d ago

got both consoles. Have fun with half the games fanboy.

Stubacca4423d ago

Well I have a PS3 and PC. So I get all the games I want too.


But I use my PS3 for all the best ones such as LBP etc. Not even played Left4Dead yet.

Gun_Senshi4422d ago

Brainwashed people buy multiple x360s so when ones RROD they have another.

Its cheaper to buy a PC then multiple X360 and you get to play the better version of same games and more PC exclusives games.

Having PS3 + PC + Wii = best of industry having X360 only is not like you austere

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rroded4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

his fourth 360 n get this calls to get it fixed m$ says out of warranty. He only bought it a little over a year ago. Its like wth happened to the 3 year deal?! Or is that just good for one rrod cause its his second on this box.

Anon19744423d ago

2 RROD's and one disk scratching unit that I had to fight with MS to replace. My 4th 360 has lasted the longest, mostly because I don't play it anymore. After I sat with my copy of Halo 3, waiting for my 4th replacement, I vowed only exclusives on my 360 from now on. Anything else I'd buy for my PS3. I've only bought 2 games since Halo 3 on my 360, Fable 2 and Gears 2 and I have to say with the solid year the PS3 has had, I don't miss gaming on my 360.

So the secret of prolonging your 360's life is to not play on it. Glad I could help. Oh, and if you're going to leave your 360 sitting for awhile - take out your battery packs! Not a single on of my packs would hold a charge and I had to buy new ones when I eventually started playing Gears 2. They were fine when I shelved the unit but would not hold a charge after a few months of not using them.

Sarick4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

Install base +1 =)

Gaming is addictive, like drugs to some people. They need their fix. When their console breaks it doesn't matter to these people they're willing to feed the machine money to get their hobby, err fix.

rroded4422d ago

lol ya i got both too havnt even turned on the 360 in ages

any clue on how to get them to replace it they say they want 120 to 'fix' it. On the plus side pops is finally going to buy a ps3. Says he wont buy another 360 sigh feel bad for him tho hes got tons of games and has bought several multiples cause of scratching. So any help to get this fixed on the ms side would b cool.

ps my dad counts for 4 my brother 3 and i bought one of their fixed rrods for 150 way b4 the price drop. (actual gen 1 box barely plays Mass Effect)

thebudgetgamer4423d ago

and all bs aside you guys should not have to deal with this people are to quick to forgive because they offer awesome games but if you had any other piece of electronics break on you 3 4 in some cases people got back broken consoles thats crazy