PlayStation VR 2 may launch in early 2023, analyst suggests

Mass production will start in the second half of 2022.

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SullysCigar184d ago

Well done to the analysts for catching up, I guess.

I'm still hoping for this year, given Sony are indicating they should start shipping more PS5s soon, but it's been heavily rumoured to be releasing early 2023 for some time now.

The rumours are from an unnamed source, but reputable news outlets are taking them seriously, so I guess we should too. Anything sooner would be an awesome surprise, though, and they alreadysaidthey have 20 "major" launch games!

Neonridr184d ago

I feel with everything going on, plus the ongoing difficulties of obtaining a PS5, they might be better off waiting. Less PS5 owners means less potential PS VR2 owners.

kryteris184d ago

They are not having difficulty selling the PS5. 19+ million sold. Fastest in history.

Neonridr184d ago

@kryteris - they suffered extreme supply issues since launch. Imagine if there was no pandemic, that number could be considerably higher than that. I'm simply saying, if you rush for holiday vs waiting until spring, that's several more million PS5 owners ready to buy the unit.

Doesn't affect me as I already have one and will be buying the headset whenever it comes. I'm just thinking from a business perspective, they are free to do as they wish of course.

Babadook7184d ago

“Less PS5 owners means less potential PS VR2 owners.”

I look at it the other way. When Sonys profits are limited to less than half of what the demand is, it makes a lot of sense to push a new product not limited by chip shortages.

Neonridr184d ago

@Babadook7 - I still feel like this is a product that you want to captalize on when the install base is at a point worth supporting it. That being said, that's their decision. I'm on board regardless.

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RickRoland184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

This would be a proper move by Sony from a business standpoint. Sony knows Microsoft has nothing for this year and 2023 will be a content heavy year for MS. PSVR2 could drown out some of the positive noise from the Microsoft camp in the first half of next year (pending it's actually good of course).

1nsomniac184d ago

Talk was that PSVR2 would be in stores for this Christmas. However with covid and component shortages it would easily be delayed to early 2023 maybe even mid ‘23. Let’s hope there’s also not scalper issues as well.

Flawlessmic184d ago

Im sure we will get a release date this week during the state of play.

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The story is too old to be commented.