40° Interview on Armored Core 4 had the opportunity to interview Patrick Riley, one of the lead producers behind the eagerly anticipated Armored Core 4 for PlayStation 3.

Many new details about the game were given including new gameplay aspects such as force fields dubbed 'primal armor', new booster technology and some information on the online multiplayer aspects of the game.

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Sevir044903d ago

i could blast the hell out of Japanese and Euro mechs aint that like the best ever online feature i could ask for in a game... it's sad that Evolution studios couldn't do that or didn't want to do that with MotorStorm becaue that would be so fricken awesome. still the game looks cool an will probably be the first AC game in it's oh so many bad releases since it's first release on ps2 that gets good reviews, perhaps the next gen is where True mech games belong and are finally realized ^^ Good job From Software, god job if you follow your new success you will continue to bring out top quality games and be what Capcom, konami, Namco and Square are today.

NoUseMerc4903d ago

It will be cool to have clans...Japan vs US vs UK in one up to 8 players which is disappointingm kinda like Gears of War. But oh well.