PS1 Game Worms World Party Appears to Have Online Multiplayer on PS5, PS4

Sammy: "Worms World Party is one of several PS1 releases that will be enjoying a renaissance as one of All PS Plus Games included with the PS Plus Premium tier. And with the service set to launch in Asia in a matter of days, more details are beginning to emerge about the conversion. As reported earlier, there’ll be a number of graphical filters available for the retro titles, including a classic CRT look, but in the case of Team 17’s party game it also appears there’ll be online multiplayer."

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FallenAngel1984561d ago

That’s a game changer

If retro NSO games can have online multiplayer, no reason for these PS Classics not to

Rangerman1208561d ago

Makes me wonder if PS2 games like War of the Monsters and Twisted Metal Black will have online too.

RosweeSon561d ago

Really hope so THPS3 was my first proper online game would love to play 3/4 again online 😍🙌🏻

Unknown_Gamer5794560d ago

Actually, I was thinking of the Twisted Metal games. I’m imagining those with online multiplayer, and now I’m stoked!

Number1TailzFan560d ago

I remember trying to play Armageddon on Dreamcast, big letdown after coming from Worms 2 on PC, WA on DC had no online play, the controls (trying to use rope) sucked, and on top of that the AI in single player took 30+! Seconds minimum just to take their turn, I was sitting there thinking something was wrong with my game but pretty sure all the console versions were like that. On PC you wait a few seconds at most.

blackblades561d ago

I guess, at 1st I thought these BC games would be untouched but now knowing they have upgraded modern features like trophies, higher resolution etc actually makes changes my mind about it.

monkey602561d ago

The quality of life updates to these old games actually has me interested again. Of all the old games to get online multiplayer worms is the perfect choice

YourFlyness561d ago

It's a copy/paste of the Steam description so still remains to be seen

andy85561d ago

Aw Armageddon is on the list too. Loved that growing up

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