PSU champions: Shadow of the Colossus

Today sees the start of a new series of features called simply "PSU champions...". Here, the PSU staff put forward their case for why their favourite PS one and PS2 games should be reborn on PlayStation 3. They begin, with a masterpiece of the last twelve months...Shadow of the Colossus...

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Blu-Print4266d ago

I hope they do this soon, but I doubt if it will be soon because it took the Ico team years to make SotC. SotC was so original though and it was one of the best games for the PS2. They might just leave it alone and work on a completely new game.

DJ4266d ago

create something new. The dev did say that they wanted to take advantage of PS3 rather than try and redo something they had already done before...but SotC's world was only lightly touched upon. We'll see what they're up to.

Siesser4266d ago

I can't think of any game I'd look forward to more than a next-gen incarnation of SotC. More Colossi's always a good thing. And if they could somehow make co-op/online slaying, that would be awesome. SotC is definitely one of the most original games I can recall ever playing, and delivered a level of emotional gameplay you generally don't come across; it and Indigo Prophecy. SotC2 and Heavy Rain are the two most anticipated next-gen releases for me.

AuburnTiger4266d ago

It would be tragedy if this game was not remade or sequeled