Mass Effect could clock in with 70 hours of game-play

In a recent interview by Team Xbox the developers were asked about the length of Mass effect. They responded saying it would be about 40 hours for the core game and could be another 20 or 30 hours depending on how you play the game with more content coming at a later date.

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nice_cuppa4852d ago

i know 6 people and me who will be getting this.
i cant wait.
this will be game of the year.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4851d ago

I know about 5 bestfriends and about 50 Live friends.

zonetrooper54852d ago

I really don't know whether i should get this game or not. Is it on one disk or 3 disks like Blue Dragon.

DixieNormS4852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

This game is going to kick @ss and take names. Well remember that oblivion had 100 or so hours. And that game is on one disk.

DJ4852d ago

Depends on how much game content they feel like putting in; at the most it'll be on two discs.

eques judicii4852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

i don't think it matters how much content they put in, if its not a linear story than i should only be on one disc (linear stories mean there will only be a couple times to change the disc in a non linear story you may have to change the disc depending on the region you are in) plus, there don't seem to be any cutscenes so that means that they they will have more freespace on the disc it self.

DJ4852d ago

And from the looks of it this is a non-linear title with no HD cinematics (which eat up a Lot of space). One disc seems to be the only choice.

Funky Town_TX4852d ago

I will pass. 40 hours of walking around.

TheMART4852d ago

So you played a demo or saw much video material yet?

Tell us more, you seem to know more

Pfew. It's freakin' Bioware dude. Don't diss those guys. The best that is around, and Mass Effect will be their best game up to date. They always make jewels, and this time it will be no different. Only on 360 maybe that's why you think it's boring... right

Funky Town_TX4852d ago

I have a 360. Got it on nov 22 05. I have been aa xbox live member since 2003. If I think a game looks like crap it's my opinion. I'm not a RPG fan. I rather kick a$$ for 40 hours to heck with "exploring" Oblivion got bored to me after about 30 hours of nothing. I will pass. I don't care how good the grafics are.

Mr Murda4852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

I'm not trying to change your mind on what games you should like, but I share a similar view as yours in regards to RPG's. I don't have a lot of patience for RPG's cause of the often lack of action, but have you played KOTOR (1 or 2) or Jade Empire? Bioware's previous titles, as mentioned, totally encompassed me and showed me the type of RPG I was looking for. KOTOR 1 blew me away and had me playing over 120 hours (played the game through 3 times, light/dark/neutral). If you haven't played any of their original XBOX offerings then I'd highly recommend giving one of them a try. If you don't like it then that's your thing, but I thought they were great and you might too.

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The story is too old to be commented.