ANTONBLAST Kickstarter announced for Nintendo Switch

Summitsphere’s Sophomore Title Brings Dynamite Fast-Paced Platformer Action to Kickstarter – Campaign and Gameplay Demo Live Now! The scrappy young international team at Summitsphere, developers of the breakout platformer Antonball Deluxe, revealed their eagerly awaited second game going live today on Kickstarter.

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PlayStation 1 Classics Forgotten for One Reason or Another

The original PlayStation library has dozens of classics long since forgotten - TechStomper unearths five of these gems which have been lost to time for one reason or another.

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BlackCountryBob8d ago

Disruptor PS1, a pre Goldeneye console FPS from 1996 (with Command and Conquer type FMV cutscenes) and the first game by a pre Spyro Insomniac Studios directed by Mark Cerny. A good game for its time, and pre Bioshock use of telekinesis type powers. A game sadly almost completely lost to time

PrimeVinister8d ago

I have never even heard of it, so that must be a deep cut. Sounds really interesting and I might dig it out :-)

PrimeVinister8d ago

@Cacabunga A classic, no doubt. But, fondly remembered by many.

Cacabunga8d ago

First one was so good but second one on another level!!!
Still hoping to see a next gen version..

PrimeVinister8d ago

@Cacabunga Yeah, I preferred II for the real-timier combat. I would love to see both remade or remastered.

on_line_forever8d ago

We need to bring back the golden era of ps1 & ps2 .
We need to see quality games developed with alot of passion to make gamers satisfied .
We need to benefit from new AI technology to bring something new to games something like " nemesis systems " that used in shadow of morder and upgrade it to next level

PrimeVinister8d ago

The economics of games has changed a lot since the PS1 and PS2. As much as I would love a return to those days, it's not not at all likely.


OVERRIDER wants to bring your hoverboard dreams to life via new Kickstarter campaign

OVERRIDER is a new sci-fi roguelite about hoverboarding and smashing robots, and there's a Kickstarter campaign to help get it funded.

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Cozy and Crowdfunded: Baking Bunnies and Buzzing Bees - Comfy Cozy Gaming

Cinnabunny and Time is Honey are currently up to be crowdfunded on Kickstarter right now. They're both adorable.

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