EA dev: Get the 360 and/or Wii

Over at, one of the recent discussions is centered on helping a poster figure out which of the three major consoles in the market he should purchase. It's actually all quite mundane enough, that is, until Electronic Arts game dev Andrew Garett voices out what he really thinks would be a good and a not-so-good choice.

Andrew Garett - "Last year, the prediction was that Sony would win the next-gen war, that the PS3 would be the dominant console, just like the PS2 was.

That is no longer the case. The extremely strong performance of the Wii, combined with the miserable performance of Sony has revised pretty much everyone's expectations. Right now, most of us here think the Xbox 360 will be on top for this generation, with the battle for second place between Sony and Nintendo (and that's a major shock, as we'd nearly written Nintendo off for the non-handheld market.) Most of us still think Sony will beat off Nintendo, simply due to the older graphics on the Wii, but it's not a sure thing.

My opinion - get the Xbox 360 and/or the Wii. Skip the PS3 unless there's a big change in the near future."

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eques judicii4900d ago

wow... all i have to say is... wow

MikeMichaels4900d ago

....this is a pathetic story.

Look at the source, you fanboys are just being used by crappy "game sites" for hits. Look how many ads and popup's they cram into that page.

...and whats their proof, a photo of a "supposed" email. I'm could you possibly fake something like that to generate trafficto your site. *rolls eyes*

Doophis48974899d ago

this all coming from ea!!!

weekapaugh4900d ago

glad he gave the PS3 time, a little under three months is fair to determine a console's success.

shotty4900d ago

Well it is, when the xbox and gamecube launch it was pretty much known that the ps2 would be dominant with the xbox and gamecube being relatively close in sales. The xbox 360 right now has the same strength against the competition that the ps2 had after the xbox and gamecube launched.

Daver4900d ago

what are you talking about.......3 months is way not enough to determine a succes or not... Only thing that makes sony slow is the lack of good games for now but its gonna change in the upcoming year

CyberSentinel4900d ago

I have to respect someone who isn't afraid to state their honest opinion for the record.

richie007bond4900d ago

WOW just as well i wont be getting a ps3 anytime soon if not at all,with the ps3s dire games and outrageous price tag its no wonder devs are jumping this sinking ship

kamakazi4900d ago

and this from EA? their games are getting crappier and crappier as time goes on.

DoctorJohnson4900d ago

In what way is their Burnout series considered crappy? lol Electronic Arts the biggest company in the industry that makes a ton of games every year and you generalize them as one item. I thought that was funny. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.