Microsoft Feels Like It’s Back In The Xbox One Era With Its Release Landscape

Yesterday, Bethesda announced that it was delaying its two biggest 2022 games, Redfall and Starfield, into 2023. Delays are certainly the norm for major games these days, but Starfield had promised a hyper specific date that Bethesda expressed supreme confidence in (11.11.22) but more importantly now, they’re a Microsoft studio. And these are Xbox exclusives that are no longer coming this year.

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sparky7714d ago

While things certainly have been slow and this year feels like an XB1 year by no means will this continue.

MS currently has like 23 studios with around 35 teams and once ABK joins it will be even more. Eventually things will be more consistent I feel like this generation will have growing pains but by next gen Xbox will be a force to be reckoned with.

Luckily Game Pass still have plenty of games to play even if they aren't first party.

Antnee53414d ago

I do agree with what your saying but at the same time that's what we have been saying since the end of xbox 360 where all the no game problems began


Microsoft definitely has a project management issue that they need to work out, but let's not forget that they went from 5 to 30+ studios in just a few years AND they bought the biggest IP in gaming.

Yes, we've been hearing "Wait for E3" for over a decade, but the difference now is that they actually have the plethora of IPs necessary to actually make these games.

This is a very different Microsoft from that of previous eras, pretending otherwise is foolish. Don't you think after spending 100 billion+ of acquisitions, Microsoft has earned the privilege of a mere 6 month delay?

This is such an overreaction IMO.

Flawlessmic14d ago

@Logic dude u need to give it up with the constant defending.

Last year wasnt a great year all round for gaming so MS trumped it but really the only stand out game was forza 5, halo was ok, and pyschonaughts 2 was 1 multiplat and 2 overrated for me anyway feel like it got extra brownie points for dealing with mental health, outside of that ratchet was a wayyyy better game.

The first 3 months of this are already better than all of last year.

Godmars29014d ago


"This is a very different Microsoft from that of previous eras, pretending otherwise is foolish."

And insisting that its different with less than evidence that such is the case, more examples of continuing bad habits like delays, lack of content and over monetization in what does come out, is just as foolish. If not more so if such is endlessly defended.

LordoftheCritics14d ago

There is no issue here.

We have a brilliant piece of hardware called the PS5.

We have access to a large amount of the greatest games ever made.
This year is looking good as well.

X-2314d ago

Thank You for saying this, a million times thank you. People pretending that this hasn't been a problem are likely the reasons why it still is.

TheTony31613d ago


Are you saying we should wait for next gen? I don't understand how people still defend Micoroft after over a decade of disappointments and false promises. Microsoft can't even manage their original handfull of studios, let alone over 30.

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GJC114d ago

Eventually……. Everton may win something 🤣🤣

RedDevils14d ago

at least he's not a plastic fan.

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Double_O_Revan14d ago

" but by next gen Xbox will be a force to be reckoned with."

And there is it! There is ALWAYS is. Just keep waiting folks! Eventually, Xbox will have something of substance.


To anyone who isn't capable of waiting 6 months, I recommend they sell their Xbox and cancel their Game Pass. Play on another platform where game delays don't exist. Problem solved.

Flawlessmic14d ago (Edited 14d ago )


6 months??

More like 12 months for forza 5 and halo from when xsx released and going off the current information we have it will be another year and a half from the release of forza and halo before the next first party game!!

Sure than can change and we may get forza but we dont know that yet.

How is what i just brought up even acceptable?

I have it now so im not gonna sell it but i certainly regret being an early adopter, ps5 has more than covered this gen so far with games to play.

Nintendo and sony have delays also but by some magic they still have other games coming out in the same year to soften the blow, why is ms incapable of this?

crazyCoconuts14d ago

They really have to demonstrate an ability to manage all those studios. A few of them are already in excellent shape, but a great many of them need help, and MS hasn't done well with turning studios around, even when there's just a few of them

Father__Merrin14d ago

What lmao

Wait till E3
Wait till DX12
Wait till Azure compute
Wait till Secret chips
Wait till Wait....

And now its wait till next generation? Sony on the other hand will provide great games and features for thier user base. I want time to forward to December as I want to count all exclusive software on xbox for 2022

14d ago
Muigi14d ago

“By next gen” Sheesh that’s a long time to be waiting lol.

SullysCigar13d ago

I guess when you've waited well over a decade already and still haven't figured out you're holding the sh!tty end of the gaming stick, it's not so bad..

Charlieboy33314d ago

Xbox has 'growing pains' you say. Are you for fucking real? This Xbox's THIRD generation FFS. Also if I remember correctly, Phil and Co said the lack of content for the final years of the Xbox One generation was due to them putting all their focus on 'next gen' correct? Yeah 2.5 years into 'next gen' all that 'focus' will have provided of note is Forza Horizon 4.5 and an insulting Halo entry which makes Halo 5 look like a masterpiece with cutting edge graphics and a content overload in comparison. They have been bullshitting for YEARS now, took a giant dump on their biggest and most iconic and successful franchise ( don't forget that Phil was IMPRESSED and HAPPY with the state of Infinite on that fateful day when Craig was introduced to the world ). It blows my mind that there are still people defending and praising....even after the Redfall and Starfield delays ( also, no one delays a game for a fucking year just to 'polish' it or fix some minor issue.....more bullshit ). Let's also not forget the DRM fiasco which brought to light just how worthless an Xbox is with no online connection. I mean I get being loyal to a company, but if all they do is lie to your face, treat you like gullible morons and constantly disappoint, you really must be lacking in self respect, have toilet level standards, lack intelligence or possibly a combination of all 3. I loved my 360 because of all the awesome games and experiences I had on it. Since Xbox One Microsoft has shat on and ruined everything that console stood for....which is personally why I don't care a flying fuck what they do anymore. I'm not a brainless fool that wags my tail at every scrap that falls off the Xbox table. Getting kicked and crawling back for more. I will leave that to you and the other indoctrinated disciples who all say that these delays are a 'good thing' and everything 'is fine'. There is nothing 'fine' about any of this and 'fans' like you will only ensure that things remain 'not fine'. It's great that gamepass is satisfactory enough for you as a gamer and that you are already excited about how awesome the NEXT Xbox is going to be! What patience! Personally I demand better for myself and expect the company whose console I bought to do their job and provide me with consistently compelling reasons ( new mindblowing exclusive games ) for my purchase. Games that make your jaw hit the floor and make you say 'holy shit' out loud more than a few times because they are so awesome to play and look at. I regularly experience that on PS, but that kind of thing doesn't really happen on Xbox anymore does it.

Charlieboy33313d ago

Apologies I forgot it's actually Xbox's FOURTH generation. Growing pains my ass.

GJC113d ago

You sound really pathetic

14d ago
isarai14d ago

"Eventually"..... it's been "Eventually" for over a decade. Yes they are in the best position they've been in since, but they have yet to deliver. When are you guys gonna get fed up with being told "just wait guys" only to be told it again and again and again everytime the thing you've been waiting for doesn't deliver. Aren't you tired of the dangling carrot game all the dang time?

DarthMarvin14d ago

Just wait until E3, then you'll see XBox will be back, baby! Uncle Phil said so, it must be true.

Bathyj14d ago

So just wait you're saying?

Has it occurred to anyone that while just wait has been the Xbox mantra for a decade that is actually beneficial for Microsoft to make you wait now because you are paying a subscription therefore you are paying to wait?

Trust me there is no rush to release games now for MS because there's no incentive to do so. In fact it's better for them to draw it out. It's even better for them to finally release them half finished because then you can just wait for things like coop and forge and pay to wait.

jBlakeeper13d ago

It still doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft doesn’t know how to manage their studios. They’ve been slacking for over ten years now. Their management skills are not going to change overnight and I haven’t heard of them cleaning house.

TheTony31613d ago

I've been hearing this for 10 years now. Microsoft for some reason just can't manage their studios and having more of those won't make it easier.

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Futureshark14d ago

News just in...
MS has just released a brand new exclusive, day 1 on gamepass too.

It's called 'The Waiting Game'.

Oh actually I've now just heard it's a port from last gen.

Crows9014d ago

I think that's a remaster. The game was first released half way thru the 360 gen.

SullysCigar13d ago

I heard it's been remade from the ground up, with 16 times the detail...and that it just works. Exciting times.

LordoftheCritics14d ago

The co-op mode will come next year. Hopefully

SierraGuy14d ago

The sequel will be 'the crying game' 😭😭

SullysCigar13d ago

There's talk they will round out the trilogy with 'a mug's game'

Chevalier13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Wait till 2023 for the remastered/Remake of Wait Simulator!!! Pay to sub now and bonuses include in game cover skins! Change the video game covers for games spanning 4 generations!

Co-op mode in consideration. Possibly available 2025!

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Andrew33614d ago ShowReplies(3)
Gamingisfornerds14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It’s definitely not the same as that era, because their focus this time around does seem to be games. However, Microsoft is still recovering from their lack of investments in new games and studios the past 10 years (riding the Gears/Forza/Halo wave). And it’s biting them in the back now.


crazyCoconuts14d ago

So the only difference this time is more hope

EvertonFC14d ago

Seems it, the Xbox gamer is the type to bank transfer 50,000 to a scam artist.

Gamingisfornerds14d ago

Without hope, there is no…hope?


Hofstaderman14d ago

Back in the Era assumes they left that Era in the first place

VenomCarnage8914d ago

Exactly. We've been "waiting for e3" for like 16 straight years now