Xbox Needs A Big Reveal At Their June Showcase

With Redfall and Starfield suffering delays, Xbox really needs to pull out the big guns during their June showcase event.

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darthv727d ago

Aside from new reveals, Im mostly looking forward to solid release dates for the stuff they have shown the last couple of years.

Zhipp7d ago

They don't need a big reveal at all, imo. They have s ton of already announced games that we've seen very little of. They just need to have a decent amount of gameplay from several of those titles.

They also desperately need a surprise holiday title or a huge Day one Gamepass announcement cause things are looking kind of dire this November for both Xbox gamers and Gamepass subscribers in general.

Deathdeliverer7d ago

That would kinda fall under the big reveal umbrella….

Lightning777d ago

I rather MS keep the the new game reveals on the low also and mainly focus in the games we know.

The moment, they announce new stuff it's gonna be CGI and way far out from release.

Gamingisfornerds6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Agreed. They need to show actual lengthy, polished gameplay and release a suprise game this year. That would certainly redeem them a bit.


neutralgamer19927d ago

Rumor has it that we may see them release a fable trilogy with updated controls and graphics along with gears of war collection containing all the games and DLC

Honestly if they were to release fallout 3 and New Vegas remastered with all the content that would be really big

Crows907d ago

Remade yes. Remastered no.

Shadowsteal7d ago

These rumors sound like wishful thinking.

ABizzel17d ago

A single reveal is all they need, because as you said they've showed games over 2 years ago that don't even have an expected release year let alone date. They need to start putting release years for these games, because if StarField and RedFall were both considered to be far enough along to launch late Summer and Fall 2023, and ended up getting delayed expected 6 months each, what does that mean for all these other games that were in concept form, just starting development, etc... it's looking like 2024 - 2025 which is kind of ridiculous.

They bought several studios in 2018 and some of them still don't have a game ready to show.

So I'm with you we need "gameplay" and "release windows". Not list wars of games 4 - 5 years out.

SinisterMister7d ago

Damn right they do. Please start a franchise like God of War.


That's what Ryse: Son of Rome was supposed to be, but as usual with Microsoft, it was horribly mismanaged. Started out as a 1st person Kinect exclusive THEN converted into an Xbox One launch title. It was also littered with paid microtransactions

Despite all this, it was a great game from a visuals and story perspective. The gameplay just lacked the depth (epic boss fights, varied enemy types, puzzles etc.) you would typically get from a God of War game.

darthv727d ago

Not exactly... while i would have made for a cool series (it may still get a sequel after all this time). the one most remember as being meant to be a GoW type of game from MS was Bloodforge. It had the brutality and the style but lacked substance (and good controls). Surprisingly that is one that should have been given another chance at.

Fishy Fingers7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

When Ryse released GOW was still a pulled back camera hack n slash. There was literally nothing comparable between the two, f*** you talking about?

Sniperwithacause7d ago

@ FishyFinger

Even though I love where they took the GOW series. I sure could go for a good pulled back camera hack and slash right now! Maybe it's time to go back and play the older ones.


@Fishy Fingers Ryse and GOW are both historical 3rd person hack n slash games with an emphasis on QTE are they NOT comparable?

@darthv72 I'll check out Bloodforge. I've honestly never heard of it.

gamer78047d ago

I loved ryse, had a great story and graphics. The game play was good sure it could have had more variety but still a great game with amazing visuals.

Rude-ro6d ago

Ryse started as a Kinect game and it was not “Microsofts” studios making the game.
When everyone realized Kinect was not a success with actual games.. they pushed the game out of Kinect and made it a release window game with normal controls for the Xbox one and sold it as a AAA game.

It was nowhere near meant to compete with a god of war.

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Lightning777d ago

MS is on track to having an amazing showcase only for none of those games to
release this year except another Forza. For the millionth upon millionth time.

Apparently Jason Scheier heard rumblings that Starfield was looking like another Cyberpunk. Which tells me they're in big time bug squashing phase right now. I get it, if they release the Game as planned Bethesda will never hear the end of it for absolute good reason. Their reputation would tank to then point of no return.

It sucks now and I'm still very, very upset. once the game launches hopefully it'll be in a exceptional state. I'm still lookin forward the showcase of course. As a consumer it's just infuriating this waiting game from MS never ever seizes.

RosweeSon7d ago

It needs a big launch forget all these reveals that come to nothing start dropping some
Bangers how long have they had now over 2 gens 🙄🤣

purple1017d ago

Until people see a game, or game(s) on the shelf, no one would possibly believe what they say anyway.

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