Microsoft faces new Xbox 360 reliability accusations

Remember last week's story about Jason Johnson, the Illinois man who sued Microsoft over his Xbox 360's alleged habit of scratching his game DVDs?

Documents unsealed in his court case revealed Microsoft discovered its Xbox 360 could scratch discs before it went on sale in 2005, and even got as far as considering three possible solutions to the problem, the Seattle Tech Report revealed today.

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tatotiburon4298d ago

ok let me get this...this guy knows that no one can't change the console position while the drive is spinning, even monkey knows that, but he did and the console scratched his games and now he sued microsoft because his own fu*** up ?

Ugly American4298d ago

No, he knew that it would scratch the games if he moved it... and he did it THREE times. I might do it six times so that I can ask for $100,000 in damages.

ultimolu4298d ago

Excuses upon excuses.


Their software is great but the hardware is horrible.

Stop making excuses for them you dumbass.

jcfilth4298d ago

omg..seriously, how [email protected] stupid can you people be????

It's been proven that Microsoft knew about all the problems the system had before lunch, and you still back them up??? O M F G!!!

YOU 360 fansh!ts are the most retarded mother [email protected] in the history of the earth. Because of people like you, M$ don't give a sh!t about the problem and will never fix it.

There should be more people like this guy Jason Johnson who takes action and don't let a corrupted company rip his ass unlike other people.

Aquanox4298d ago

Err... It's in the manual.

"Don't turn the console when it's on"

The Microsoft's Lawyer will only need to tell to the guy: "RTFM!"

lokiroo4204298d ago

The speed of the disc spinning causes the disc to come loose regardless if it is moved or not. Simple physics you stupid tools, rotation causes a force perpendicular to the spin.

poopface14298d ago

Im sorry, Microsoft should pay for the disks and give the guy a complete refund If he doesnt want to keep the 360/ 360 stuff. but thats where it stops. There is a huge problem im my country, and It lies with MORONS like this guy who believes his minor inconvenience(3 scratched disks in this case) are worth 50,000$, when there are some people with real problems. That is just moronic and pathetic, and I hope this gut isnt in America(cant see this happening anywhere else tho). Were talking about video games, not airbags or tires here(or even spilled coffee). Where he came up 50,000$ is beyond me. This case most definitely supports the ps3 fanboy argument that 360 owners are "DUMB REDNECKS."

Did he get the SUPER SECRET $16,666.66 versions of these games? I pray to GOD he looses, not because microsoft is right, but because I cant stand to think of some lazy azz getting 50Gs fore something so petty as scratched disks, when there worth 60$ max each.

Rhoic4293d ago

Not to mention there's a sticker that BLOCKS the disc tray that says "Do not turn the xbox while it is on" or whatever..

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pp4298d ago

Microsoft should sue his ass for being STUPID like many droids on this site.

trancefreak4298d ago

Report u as offensive chump

karlostomy4298d ago

The manual says: Do not move console while a dvd is in the tray.

yet he did... and his dvd was one of the 1% that scratches if you move it.

The judge should throw that sh1t outa court!

What's next? Suing macdonalds for hot coffee burns?

oh wait.

AngryHippo4298d ago

...moving the console while the disc in the drive is spinning. Anyone that does this, is kind of silly(polite way of putting it)and its their OWN fault.

Truth4298d ago

My XBOX 360 scratched games on three occasions. The first happened when I was adjusting the console like many other people do... unfortunately it was running and scratched it. The second instance was when my cat jumped up next to it and basically, put a paw on the portion directly over where the disc spins... and it scratched the disc. The third was during a sudden wind storm which knocked it over, but that was just a freak accident. Thus far however, my PS3 has scratched not one BRD... in fact, they don't seem to watch to scratch at all. And crazily enough, in the middle of all that, you guessed it... two RROD's. Ta-daaaa, thanks for rushing your console out the door Microsoft. Bastards. But I'm just an isolated habitual bad luck having person... right?

rroded4298d ago

dont get scratched disks either but still its not something they shoulda launched with.

sonarus4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Don't let microsoft fool you with pretty images of 360 standing upright. Lay it flat on the floor and you should be good. My gears 2 disk got pummelled when i let it stay up right.

I got madden on 360 when my PS3 went down and 3 days later my madden disk already had some scratches even though i put 360 flat. I keep my games well and no joke i don't havea single scratch on any of my PS3 games. Microsoft should have added scratch resistant thing that blu ray has

Its still BS that they knew about it but refused to fix it but hey microsoft ftw

ultimolu4298d ago

...So we blame the consumers and not the assholes that sold the consumers a lemon.

4298d ago
ultimolu4298d ago

You're just lucky.
You managed to get one that actually works. There are people out there who were ultimately sold a lemon.

Man_of_the_year4298d ago

Some people are saying that they have had issues with their PS3's...i guess they are lemons as well?

Why o why4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

that issue was called 'no games'.... its been sorted for ages now

Ace_Shooter4298d ago

problems with mine. but its just like any other computer (except the PS3, bluray has scratch resistant), when you move the tower with a disc in it, it'll make the disc 'dance' and therefore create a scratch. NOW on the other hand, if you got a 'lemon' then there's pretty much nothing you can do.

GiantEnemyCrab4298d ago

No problems here going on 3 years. What are the chances of 2 people posting in a thread with no problems when the failure rate is what %99 percent now?

It's a faulty console you should be able to roll it around on the ground while playing a game. When I play records on my turntable I usually flip it upside down. I just don't understand why my records keep getting scratched and stop playing. Time for me to sue Technics.

Aquanox4298d ago

Microsoft to this guy:

"RTFM!" (Read the F**ing Manual)

YES, it's in the User's Manual and this is not a reliability issue, it's user's stupidity.

jadenkorri4298d ago

there have been reported issues of the 360 scratching discs even when vertical or horizontal without touching the console... I agree with most of you to the point that yes you shouldn't be moving it considering a wireless controller, but sh!t happens and its moved while playing...i gotta keep reminding myself that these fanboys that keep defending the 360 all live in their parents basement, so they don't know how kids are, let alone woman too... MY point is every comment is on the assumption he moved the console, please read the article, there is no description of what exactly happened to him, there is for the known issue if the console is changed orientation while the disc is running, but does not say he moved it....

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locos854298d ago

I remember my first scratched 360 game like it was only yesterday........ NBA 2k7. The whole disc scratching thing was pretty new and I didn't know about it. I moved the xbox to lay it down and then it happened. The same day the game came out...... I was pissed!!!!

Ugly American4298d ago

I remember when I got my launch 360, and the instructions said to NOT move the console with a disc in the tray. This isn't something new... and it isn't something Microsoft failed to address. If you don't read the manual, you almost deserve to have your game scratched.

Truth4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

I think the point is, there were problems they ( Microsoft ), knew about and hence could have easily solved the problems before the consoles launch... and they did nothing. Which means, they screwed you and me ( the consumers ) with a faulty console. Not just for this one problem though, no, also the RROD issues. You have to admit the fail rate is simply unexceptable. If you can't then you're a XBOX fanboy through and through.

I try and play each of my consoles equally when it comes to their respective exclusives while usually juggling a 12 hour work schedule. Lately I see my PS3 getting more play time though, as my respect and once loyalty in the gaming divison of Microsoft ever so slowly ebbs away.

4298d ago
Ugly American4298d ago

Feel free to label me in whatever way makes you feel comfortable.

Yes, I do think that the Xbox 360 failure rate is unACCEPTable. But I still prefer my 360 over my PS3(see what I did there arrgh?). I;ve beat Resistance 2, lost interest in LBP, but I am still enjoying CoD:WaW, GeoW2, and Fallout 3 on my 360. What? They are multiplatform? Oops, that's right... 360 is just my preference.