PlayStation Home - We Are Not Impressed


"So, has anyone downloaded PlayStation Home yet and found out just how awesomely boring "the future" is? Well, I haven't, and I'm pretty sure I don't need to. A friend, a diehard Sony supporter that declared Home would kill Xbox Live, invited me over to check out his sweet in-game bachelor pad. I'd honestly be pretty impressed if his real place actually looked the way it did in PlayStation Home, but it doesn't.

My friend does not have a sweet bachelor pad in real life. What he does have, though, is shit to do - something Home is sorely lacking. He can buy nice furniture to make his in-game crib better than his real-life crib, and his kids can pretend like they have their own place instead of living at mommy and daddy's place… but that's pretty much the extent of Home's good points."

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Cookigaki4304d ago

Cookigaki is so bored with Home that Cookigaki can't even think of a clever way to make fun of it. But Cookigaki still has hope!

Twizlex4304d ago

I don't even know what to say. Home could be cool if they would just do something with it.

Milk is for Babies4304d ago

Yeah, what they said. I don't know what they've been doing all this time, but I don't see the purpose of releasing it to the public with nothing in it. It just fuels articles like this and doesn't get anyone excited about what Home could be in the future.

CViper4304d ago

lol all around. and bubbles.. i dont know why. thats just funny.

XxZxX4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

home is not a games, hell it's not even under game session. It's a lounge for gamer to hang out. Unless you have some friends to meet there, home will be extremely boring for you. Join a clan and have your clan hang out and chat there after the game. It will be cool

HighDefinition4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Home isn`t a game, don`t treat it like one. I just left and when I did there were lots of people have lots of fun in there just talking to other people. Social interaction is never a bad thing.

JOEdANGEL4304d ago

Cookigaki's just stating the way he feels about home right now. Just because you think differently, doesn't mean he's just flaming home. You need to stop taking things so personally.

Foxgod4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Exactly what i stated before, Home is like GTA, without the fun.
But at least Home will sooner or later allow people to run unsigned code on the PS3.

Pizzagaki4304d ago

Home is not HARDCORE!
Pizzagaki loves his PS3 more then his own upper lip, but just cant touch anything that isn't HARDCORE!

INehalemEXI4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Home is doing exactly what its meant for...already except for a few key things like a trophy room , pic frames and tv's that we could watch our video's on with buds ....When E3 and TGS Leipzig etc come around and we can view the shows in home im going to be pleased.

Its framework is solid thats all that matters at this point in some games and stop worrying about home...If you have constructive criticism theres a home forum for you to let them know... I got no complaints I think its a good start and we know its going to be expanded upon so whats the use b!tch!ng?

rosebowl234304d ago

who cares what you or ripten thinks about home? millions of people are having a blast with home, and thats what matters. sony is doing something new, something fresh, and home will constantly be evolving just like the ps3. sony are the true innovators this gen.

prowiew4304d ago

As it is right now, Home completely sucks.

Rapture3334304d ago

Thats because it is.... THE BETA... This is not the FINAL RELEASE their is a big difference and it angers me that every open beta is filled with dread and the final release is so much better. Haven t you seen all the crazy sh*t in home on from scans and screen shots, videos and so on? OF COURSE IT SUCKS RIGHT NOW. They haven't release the full game! People are ignorant.

ButterToast4304d ago

first, the beta argument isn't really a good one and you're setting yourself up for backlash comments by fanboys when home is finished and nothings changed. the beta is pretty much what home will be/is. they aren't going to add anything thats going to blow you away.

secondly, home IS NOT A GAME. it's more of an App. It's a social tool to connect the PS3 community. let me repeat it's a SOCIAL TOOL. it is ignorant people thinking its a game thats causing most of the bad press. furthermore most of the "games" in Home are more there to get you to interact with other home users, to aid in socializing. pool, bowling, chess are there to help you meet other people.

this misconception of home being a game needs to end.

acedoh4303d ago

people are so critical of HOME... If you don't like it don't participate. It's that simple. Don't spend your life complaining about it. I can really care less about HOME and I think most gamers are in the same boat. Although I believe HOME is mainly trying to attract the casual crowd. The same type of people who play the Sims, Harvest Moon, or own a Wii. Right now at $400 HOME is not very attractive to that crowd but as the PS3 becomes more affordable and adds more features I think the future is good.

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ultimolu4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

...Home sucks.
Because you know...people haven't realized that it's a beta and will continue to get better as time progresses.

Twizlex4304d ago

It's their first time? That's a stupid argument. What about all of their MMO's, going all the way back to EverQuest? They should know what they're doing by now.

Also, I would expect that if a car company put out their first in a new line of cars, that car should be able to be driven, not just sit idly in my driveway.

ultimolu4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Home still sucks.

Because it makes everyone happy.
And it's still sucking, right?

We don't play games anymore. We nitpick to death these days.

Cookigaki4304d ago

Cookigaki accepts your apology.

ultimolu4304d ago

You know what?

Home sucks.


If that makes anyone feel better.

Milk is for Babies4304d ago

Let's not argue amongst ourselves, let's just tell Sony to give us something to do! We can all agree on that, right?

Twizlex4304d ago

LOL, way to stealth edit all of your comments, ultimolu. Don't change your opinion just because of other comments. Have some balls!

ultimolu4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

I didn't stealth edit.

You people want me to say it sucks when I just explained it's still a beta. So it makes you happy to go along and say it sucks when obviously it's still in beta mode.

I'm pretty sure gmail sucked when it was in beta from in the beginning.

Cookigaki4304d ago

Ultimolu did stealth edit. All comments have changed without letting people know they were edited. That is the very definition of stealth editing.

And by the way, gmail is awesome and is STILL in beta. Cookigaki thinks having things in beta is just an excuse for when things going wrong. It's in beta so blah, blah, blah. It is a lack of balls and commitment on their part to ever call it a final release.

ultimolu4304d ago

Cookigaki shows his true colors. He posted a negative article to stir up trouble yet again when enough bashing has been done already concerning Home.

Ultimolu probably did stealth troll and she was wrong. But she also believes this bashing is ultimately going to far. She now takes her leave because it makes no sense preaching common sense to anyone at this point.

Milk is for Babies4304d ago

Read the guidelines -- negative articles are still newsworthy. I'm not even a contributor yet and I know that. I don't think most people only submit stuff that they totally agree with. Cookigaki just submitted it to n4g, it's not like he made it up himself.

Cookigaki4304d ago

Cookigaki harbors no bad feelings, ultimolu. Cookigaki simply disagrees with you.

Sheddi4304d ago

yeeeeah...the same thing could be said about 360 then, right?

JD_Shadow4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Oh, and....who here on N4G DOESN'T stealth edit at least ONE of their comments, eh? I've done it from time to time to add a few things, as I'm not about to list every single goddamn time I made an edit to my comments.

Shut your mouth about the one if your not going to run your mouth about everyone else who ever did it (which you would probably never STOP running your mouth if you DID called out everyone on that because you'd have too MANY people to call out).

Oh, and just because those are the guidelines doesn't mean that everyone who submits stories really follows them. Please tell me you don't think the amount of people who submitted all those "PS3 is doomed" stories this past week thought they were just "newsworthy".

E-D-I-T (are you guys above happy now that I've SAID that I'm editing this comment):
I don't think common sense has anything to do with it. They know what Home is and what people on here KNOW it is. They just want to b!tch because either they wish they had it, or because they are hoping that Sony fails. They have common sense, they just can't get off their fanboy high horse long enough to actually USE it.

@arrrgh: I think you missed the point of what she was saying.

@Dannagar: The NXE was an answer to Home.

Why o why4304d ago

HOME beta sucks......because we dont have it;)

ultimolu4304d ago

It's alright darkpower.

It seems as if you have to hammer common sense into the minds of people who *still* don't know what Home is about.

pansenbaer4304d ago


Don't you see?! Gmail is STILL in beta. Ultimolu was saying that it probably wasn't amazing when it first launched and look at it now. It is amazing. Gmail launched like 5 years ago and is still in 'beta'. Just imagine where Home could be in 5 years. Its all about potential. Right now, it doesn't have a lot to do, sure. But the potential is what is really exciting.

Pizzagaki4304d ago

If Home will be HARDCORE! 5 years from now, Pizzagaki will use it, until then Pizzagaki will not.

Dannagar4304d ago

I don't think Sony fully comprehended the undertaking that would be "home". I think they prematurely released the beta to appease clamoring PS3 fans and answer The New Xbox Experience. I think the hype Sony created is what's causing this disappointment.

Take it with a grain of salt. In another year from now, it might actually be fun.

4304d ago
Gue14304d ago

"We don't play games anymore. We nitpick to death these days."

pansenbaer4304d ago


While I see your point, you really can't say, "Home has been the worst virtual world, on a console, that allows game launching, (etc. etc.) EVAR! Because there really isn't anything else like it. Google had it easy. "Lets take all the ideas from Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL mail, etc. and improve on them" They already knew what they had to do to raise the bar. In HOME's case, there is no bar. Sony set it. And people were disappointed because it did not live up to their own expectations.

rosebowl234304d ago

"We don't play games anymore. We nitpick to death these days."

so true, couldnt have said it better myself


when they released GMAIL into beta

so that's really not an apt example at all"

lol no. gmail sucked ASS in beta and still isnt the best mail system around

Eiffel4304d ago

Secondlife is in Beta and you can do still do stuff in it, whats Sonys excuse?

They had 4 years to develop it.

CyberCam4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

The first is;
All gaming publishers band together and not give pre-release games/info to these so called gaming journalists, let them go out and buy a copy like everyone else and let them review games the same time as everyone else (no exclusive previews for any of them)... I guarantee you software sales would increase ten fold.

The second is;
Sony get out of the console gaming business for a generation cycle just to prove a point. Then people would really complain when they have no choices and you have to take whatever Microsoft gives you. Innovation would halt in it's tracks and that xbox720 console price would sky-rocket through the roof. Developers would be at the merci of Microsoft and would probably make less money from each game sold. I guarantee it would cost $800+ for the next console... and that would teach everyone a lesson.

Many seem to want Microsoft to rule the gaming world... careful what you wish for!!! Just look at the strangle hold M$ has on the OS market & look at the price you pay for you pc OS.

pansenbaer4304d ago


Second Life launched in 2003. So with you saying Home has been in development for 4 years, that means Second Life has been in beta longer than Home has been an idea. I'm sure Second Life was in development for a year or 2 before it launched. Could you do all you can do now in Second Life from day 1? Absolutely not. That's the point.

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Harry1904304d ago

Neither am I. The true selling point of HOME will be at E3, when they ever do it or die. They said they were going to host special live events in HOME during Gaming Events and that's what I am waiting for. If they manage to do that, then HOME will be a real success.

AngryHippo4304d ago

...turns out like how they did the tokyo game show through Home during the closed beta, then im sorry but no, it will not be anything to write home about.

darthv724304d ago

I can recall reading that Sony would want to try and make home mirror E3 with the booths and such. That would be really cool but would they only do sony related booths? It would be much cooler if they laid it out like a replica of the E3 event with booths from every company (and console).

We will have to wait till E3 to see.

darthv724304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

it to be all decked out in holiday spirit. With a big xmas tree in home square. Yet it looks like summer time and I walk around and look at the bowling alley and theater and walk through the mall. That was the first (and last) time I have been in home.

I can't sign in to it since then. Maybe this patch tomorrow will fix my connection problem but it wont fix the problem of lack of content. In time it should pick up. I know that home is instance based yet what do you do when you want to hang out in another instance of home (that maybe has more fun things going on) but you can't because it is full?

Home is like a bar. some bars are more fun to be in and socialize while others are just for drinking your problems away and throwing up on other people. I want to go to the fun bar and get out of the depressing bar I am stuck in (if I could sign in at all).

JD_Shadow4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

...before worrying about adding anymore content.

You have to remember, this is Sony, not Microsoft. They actually GIVE a sh!t if their products work or not.

@arrrgh: WOOOSH! You missed the point! Try again!

4304d ago
AngryHippo4304d ago

...Home is really boring. There is suppossed to be an update tommorrow fixing server issues and maybe adding the red bull area to the EU version. Fingers crossed, wont hold my breathe though, fed up of getting my hopes up for new spaces being added. Learnt my lesson through the closed beta.