Blu-ray vs HD DVD replication costs revealed

When it comes to replicating high definition content, there has been quite a lot of publicity about Blu-ray costing a lot more than HD DVD to replicate in bulk, mainly put down to Blu-ray's design that makes it impossible to modify existing DVD stamping equipment to replicate Blu-ray discs with. Even the adult film makers have been complaining about Blu-ray's costs. However, one thing that has not been made clear is how much of a difference there really is between the two competing formats. Well, Wes at WesleyTech went to investigate by contacting a few optical disc industry contacts and published an article with some very interesting results:

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DJ4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

"From these figures taken from 3 different replication sources, we can see that Blu-ray media replication does not cost significantly more than HD DVD. In fact, we found that Blu-ray is actually cheaper per GB in many situations! It is also interesting to note that at this point, most HD DVD-ROM movies are DL, while most BD-ROM movies are SL, which would make HD DVD more expensive to replicate in most situations."

This surprised even me. Props to Voluptuary!

*If Dusty sees this, the report history comment by Boink is completely False. The article actually does provide total costs of the two formats: "$1.15 per single layer HD DVD (15GB) and $1.30 per single layer Blu-ray Disc (25GB)" And apparently dual-layer versions of each format are equal in pricing.

DoctorJohnson4903d ago

Still, Blu-ray discs are way more expensive than regular DVD discs. On the flipside they hold significantly more, but I've never minded a game coming with multiple discs... I feel like I've gotten a better value on my money.

nice_cuppa4903d ago

isnt that odd !
still i dont know.....

guy on internet.....
companys who want to mass produce their hd movies.....

who do i believe ?

techie4903d ago

He did interview industry people. And can we trust MS or Sony? They do come up with a load of BS. I think this guy is pretty trust worthy from his sources.

He goes on to say in another article that the set up costs are not that much more expensive for Blu-ray either. In fact for a Blu-ray SL (25gb) it is cheaper/same to set up in a factory as HD-DVD DL (30gb) and at this moment in time most HD-dvd movies are double layer, and Blu-ray movies are single layer.

DJ4903d ago

can't reach the capacity of dual-layer BD discs, that adds up to even higher costs in Toshiba's camp. No wonder most studios prefer Blu-ray.

nstott4903d ago

How is comparing the per gigabyte cost relevant to movies especially since I doubt they are filling them up? It costs movie studios less to produce hd-dvd discs on a per disc basis in either sl or dl.

DJ4903d ago

It says that dual-layer blu-ray and hd-dvd discs cost the same amount to manufacture. However, you also have to take into account that studios are shipping Blu-ray movies on single-layer discs, while they have to use dual-layer HD-DVD discs to achieve the same result.

Thus, it actually costs more money to put a movie out on HD-DVD than it does to put it out on Blu-ray due to differences in storage capacity. BD-ROM stores 25GB per layer while HD-DVD stores only 15GB per layer. The pricing information a bit surprising, but makes sense.

bung tickler4903d ago

Yes this surprised me I had thought that the cost to make a HD-DVD was much closer to that of a regular DVD. I think in the end though there will be no winner, dual format players will come out and titles will be released on both formats so as not to leave either side's early adopters in the dark. Also this is ONLY production cost so it doesn't take into account the money required to licence the use of either format which I believe is much cheaper with HD-DVD.

techie4902d ago

Dual format players are really not a very good idea. It would be much better for one to win.

bung tickler4902d ago

why would dual players not be a good idea? i don't know how much you are into computers and what not but a little while back when writable DVDs first came out there were two formats trying to "win" dominance and everything was all slow going and stupid, much like how HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are now, then dual format burners came out and... tada problem solved. now nether format "won" but both types of media are still around, and none of the early adopters were asked to bend over and grab their ankles. the only people dual format players might be bad for would possibly be the Blu-Ray camp (Sony and their supporters) if only because the titles that are released on BOTH formats at the same time tend to be $5-$10 cheaper on HD-DVD at this current state and time due to heavy licensing fees charged by Sony (hence why Sony wants Blu-Ray to win so much) but after a while I would expect this to even out. There can be BOTH formats, i mean right now they make multiple formats on plain old DVD for many movies, you got standard and widescreen, you got standard and collectors editions. i expect both formats to be around until something better comes around, something like digital distribution.