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Killzone 2: 2005, 07 and 08 Video Comparison

E3 2005 gave people the infamous MotorStorm and Killzone 2 trailers. They looked amazing - too good to be true. And of course, they were too good to be true, generated as 'target footage' by Sony. MotorStorm came close (sort of) but failed. And now GamesRadar has got playable preview version of Killzone 2 sitting in theirr PS3, they can tell you that it doesn't look as good as that early footage.

It looks better.

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Aquanox4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

Killzone 2 looks great, looks excellent, but no game this generation will look better than the CGI Trailer. Some guys do the "screenshot" trick to try to prove their point, but once you watch it in motion, that CGI trailer is untouchable. The amount of detail, animations, psysics and particle effects in there belong to PS4.

olivia4367d ago



This just shows how good killzone2 looks like.They are not many game out there that u can compare to its CGI trailer.DAY1 BUY FOR ME.

LokMessier4367d ago

I agree with that, Day one buy for me just as well.

PLASTICA-MAN4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

It really exceeds the E3 2005 trailer! Look at the blurry textures at that time! I wonder how Killzone 3 or any upcoming title would look like! "Loosing hope is an utter sin"!

mikeslemonade4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

Some parts look better in gameplay some parts the CGI looked better. The explosions, the blur effects, the cleaness of the graphics, and the close up cam point of view look better on CGI. The gun and the enemies look better in the gameplay. The locations look even.

This game is doing no game has done not even MGS4 and that is match the CG. Unchated looks better than MGS4 anyway. And no other game on other system has come even close.

goflyakite4367d ago

The lighting in the playable code is amazing.

Elimin84367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

Rico's voice is annoying.... Why him..... "Checkk yorr wear pon".. Just as annoying as in the first, where every 2 seconds after you kill someone screams "whoa that was messy man".

phosphor1124367d ago

I'm going to steal a truck load of them and hold it hostage with a ransom of...1...million..dollars..mua hahAHAHAHAHAHAHhhahahhack*cough *..or I can buy it day 1...

pixelsword4365d ago

...I hope they're only masking dialogue with fake voices.

The Newer Rico sounds like an old man.

The voice from the earlier trailer is the original voice for Rico and sounds better.

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dukadork4367d ago

now we'd be entitled to a massive worldwide humiliating apology campaign from 90% of the gaming media but nothing of that sort will happen cuz they know they can get away with it.

the fact is, this is a huge story:

- a game studio and a console maker made some bold promises
- millions of cunts masturbated over how impossible it was
- the game studio and the console maker delivered beyond the 'impossible'

this game alone demolishes all the smearing bullsh!t people have indulged in regarding PS3.


NegativeCreep4274367d ago

The first video comparison between the latest preview code and the so-called "Infamous" 2005 E3 Target Render is the video that will seriously shut the F'n mouths of all those anti-PS3 haters on the web and in the gaming media who PRAYED and HOPED that Sony and Guerilla couldn't make a videogame look that good (just so that they could continue to talk Sh!t and lick Microsoft's proverbial bunghole).

Well, Sony and Guerilla just did the F'n impossible, and they didn't let all this seemingly-universal hate towards them get in the way of their goals and objectives.

At the end of this console generation, I believe that is how people will be viewing the PS3 itself, as a console. All the haters who just went with the crowd and blindly accepted all the propaganda these past two years will look back and see how much great potential the PS3 really had and how the lazy Third-party developers themselves were the ones directly responsible for the "underwhelming" PS3 visuals that we see in multi-platform titles.

ToastyMcNibbles4367d ago

guerilla pwned that target render haha

CViper4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )


All need to do the same. Its obvious to everyone that has eyes. But you know some people just cant plain admit that GG has pulled it off, and Sony has just delivered some amazing technology that backs it all up.

Dread4367d ago

o god

stop with the everyone is against Sony nonsense. It is getting old.

that said, the graphics look amazing. I have to give strong props to Guerilla and Sony for pulling of this amazing looking game.

now, and i am not hating, lets hope the gamepley follows suit. Graphics are nothing without gameplay. Also guerilla is not a proven Developer. However, from the looks of the beta the gameplay seems to be fine, so day one purchase for me (if i get my Playstation3 by then)

CViper4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

Not only is gameplays importance to a GAME inherent, but it doesn't need to be reguirgitated over and over again.

Gameplay wasn't the reason KZ2 has been hated on since the cgi trailer, neither was gameplay the reason the above mentioned websites have been bashing games and hardware for not living up to the "OMG SONY LIED KZ2 TRAILER" of 05.

Graphics have been the main problem for KZ2 & the PS3. No one ever stop and said "Wow, that gameplay looks ASTONISHING, lets hope Sony can do it." Because it didn't, it looked like your standard FPS. Which unfortunately, all FPS's look like due to no real creative ones being invented since Prey really.

KZ2's graphics prove a few things to the gaming community. It proves that a decent pipeline with the cell brings you second to none visuals in the console realm, and it shows that the target render was exceeded in certain areas. Thats all the hype around KZ2 has ever been. The goals of GG has been to make a good FPS with astonishing visuals of their hollywood level of realism, and they've done it.

Anyone that played KZ1 or Liberation knows exactly what to expect when it comes to gameplay.Gameplay is always the #1 thing, but as far as killzone2 goes the infamous cgi trailer is what has been the games worst burden. It brought ridicule from many media outlets and it was called impossible. In other words, GG was called a Liar.

Everyone *is* out to get sony, but it doesn't really matter. But im not blind here to a nonstop 247 campaign of Smear bud. Lets be real.

I commend GamesRadar for coming up and saying it. Its hard to say especially in the Anti-Sony climate as of recent, but its the truth. The game looks good, we all know how FPS's play. Many of us have played the Beta. Its going to be a fun game that delivered on everything GG set out to prove with the ps3.

ENough with pretending to not know how the hell its going to play. If the requirements to be an amazing game this generation are the standards of Halo3 COD4, and Gears of War.. Its pretty easy to see how KZ2 can settle in right next to those titles. Fps = Story/Online/Strafe/Coversyste m/Goals/*boss fights*/Ending. There is no mystery to Killzone2's FPS lineage as far as gameplay.

Its like people bleed at the eyes over Halo3 & COD4 yet see the EXACT SAME gameplay mechanics in KZ2 and then go 'well im not sure how it will play'. How where the heck does that even come from? I'd be willing to be most gamers know how a non RPG-esque FPS/TPS/Adventure game is going to play. You just need to find your bearings with the controls, then go at it. Its an FPS. The same way Halo3 was the same FPS as Counterstrike, all be it slower and with different dynamics. It played relatively the same way. Aim, run Shoot.

Why o why4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

they have a get out clause in place.

'It took 3.2 bazillion Euros to make it plus it took longer than the dev time of the graphical hd monster known as Halo 3 which equals FAIL, sorry guys;)

DiabloRising4367d ago

CViper, you and I both know that KZ2 will be bashed and nitpicked, nonstop, by the media fanboys for issues that are entirely present and acceptable/overlooked in other big name titles like Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Gears of War 2.

Which is unfortunate to say the least.

Aclay4367d ago

@ Dread,

Killzone 2's gameplay will be just as good as the graphics. I've played Killzone 1, so I already know what to expect gameplay wise.

Whenever Guerrilla made Killzone 1, Sony had not acquired them yet and I'm sure that they were a pretty underfunded studio back then. Killzone 1 was Guerrilla's first game and honestly I think that Guerrilla pushed the PS2 a lot more than it could handle.

Guerrilla may not be "proven developers" in your eyes, but they have already proved themselves to me with Killzone 2.

If KZ2's gameplay wasn't that good and it was all about graphics, then I'm sure that in a lot of the Single Player previews would have brought that out.

If anyone on this site still doubts Killzone 2, I seriously don't know what is wrong with you because Killzone 2's gameplay footage speaks for itself.

Dread4367d ago

guys relax

i am not trying to hate on the game. I am the first to admit that it looks amazing. My comment as to gameplay stems from the fact that i have not played it and guerilla has not release an AAA game yet.

further, kz2 as not been release, so stop comparing it to games that have been released.


@Cviper "Everyone *is* out to get sony, but it doesn't really matter. But i am not blind here to a nonstop 247 campaign of Smear bud. Lets be real."'

stop with this conspiracy nonsense. Sony deserves some of the criticisms it is getting. It is not like MS got a pass with the RROD fiasco. this site has been non-stop bashing MS (it deserves it by the way) because of the RROD. I never thought it was a conspiracy, it was deserved, period. So take a good look at the problems that Sony is having, and lets work on improving the system instead of shooting the messenger and whining like little fanboys.

be gamers not haters


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