Sony Expects to Ship 18 Million PS5 Units Between April 2022 and March 2023

During Sony’s quarterly conference call CFO Hiroki Totoki revealed the company's prediction for PS5 shipments during the current fiscal year.

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Kurisu769d ago

There's a drop going on right now in the UK via ShopTo. Good look to anyone trying to procure a PS5.

darthv72769d ago

It's doable. They shipped just over 19m in under year and half so 18m in a year looks promising.

1Victor769d ago (Edited 769d ago )

I’m curious about Xbox numbers now that Sony said it have 19 millions.
I recommend anyone that wants a PS5 to go on tweeter follow the top PS5/Xbox/ Nintendo drop accounts like warrio64 and register to the stores sites for better chances of getting a PS5 that’s how I got my and my nephews systems
Oh I forgot don’t give up and keep trying some times the sites says it’s sold out but it isn’t

darthv72769d ago

I followed warrio and got my series s and ps5. I still follow him because he also tweets out other deals as well. I got some good things through him.

1Victor768d ago

Yep same I got one from him and 2 from PS5 restock both good sources

EvertonFC769d ago (Edited 769d ago )

Someone on here pointed out that neon is needed to make super conductor chips, guess what 70% of neon comes from Ukraine.
The ports are closed due to the invasion and that ain't ending soon and this chip shortage is only gonna get worse as it's really hard making neon.
It's actually worth a Google very interesting indeed.
There is an abundance of neon in the universe but sadly really hard to get and make on Earth.

Vithar769d ago

they just need to MAKE 18 million PS5, people still looking for that thing

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Sakurai Completes Final YouTube Video Amidst Next Super Smash Bros Game Rumors

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has finished recording his YouTube video series amidst rumors of a new entry in the series.

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ZeekQuattro1d 10h ago

New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Deluxe.


We Interview: CoD BO6 Associate Director, Design Matt Scronce and Director of Production Yale Miller

David writes: "During our preview for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, we had the opportunity to interview Matt Scronce (Associate Director, Design), and Yale Miller (Director of Production) from Treyarch."

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IGN Instructed & Offered Prizes for Crowd to Cheer During Phil Spencer and Other Live Interviews

During the IGN Live interview with Phil Spencer, the crowd cheered even if the topic was about closures, and its because they were told to.

GaboonViper3d ago ShowReplies(15)
Snookies123d ago

Just reading this headline alone made me feel grimy. Disgusting, all around. Haven't trusted IGN since over a decade ago, so this isn't really surprising to hear.

Leeroyw3d ago

IGN lost a lot of credibility a long time ago. Now they're running on fumes.

MrDead3d ago

MS are buying up the industry so you need a compliant media to tell you how awesome consolidation and mass layoffs are... and they know MS is IP hunting too, they will be cut off from review copies of some of gaming's biggest IP's if they don't play ball.

peppeaccardo3d ago

The only way they can rise excitement in a crowd is paying for it. LAMENESS is MIcrosoft best product to date.

Skuletor3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I think that kind of thing night be standard. I once was in the audience for Wheel of Fortune and there was a guy that briefed us before the show on his hand signals, when we were supposed to react/applaud and stuff like that and we were told to check under our seats because one of them had a prize underneath it.

Edit: Okay, read the article, this was definitely some slimy behaviour by IGN and it sounds like it wasn't just on the behalf of Xbox either.

Also, since IGN bought Humble Bundle years ago, they stopped occasionally giving a game away for free during certain big sales events etc, screw IGN.

Profchaos3d ago

It is for say a game show or similar shows for entertainment purposes but a interview not really.

Petebloodyonion3d ago

Bruno Rodriguez confirmed that his statement applied to the entire three-day Fanfest event, not solely Phil Spencer's interview. Regrettably, this part of his response is absent from the article, which raises questions about its omission.
Here is the complete explanation

DarXyde3d ago


It is an odd omission. While I do believe IGN has some problematic biases, one can't really say it's done for Spencer in light of this information.

Good follow up.

Inverno3d ago

IGN not being trustworthy? Yeah we've been knowing that.

GaboonViper3d ago

I remember when they gave Alien Isolation a bad review because the alien AI acted like a actual Xenomorph which was free to do what it wanted and hunt you down, and docked Days Gone points because it had a white female as Deacons Girl, oh and they have one of the worst fanboys in Dustin, he has no shame whatsoever.

Inverno3d ago

Don't forget "too much water". It's like they hate hire people that hate their jobs. This is a people problem, when people aren't humbled they become full of themselves. IGN and other news publishers have been given too much sway, and too much preferential treatment. They forget they're meant to inform the people, and have instead become a tool to sell an image these companies want to portray. Perception of power and authority and influence corrupts people.