Xbox’s online DRM under fire as some users left unable to play games for 4th day

Xbox’s online DRM policy has been criticised after server outages left some console owners unable to launch their purchased games for a fourth day.

According to Does It Play?, a Twitter account dedicated to testing commercial releases to ensure they work entirely internet-free, the majority of Xbox games require an online check before they’ll boot.

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Furesis575d ago

I thought this wasn't a thing? Jesus, maybe people will see why it's not good and stop supporting this practice. Does playstation or switch have something similar?

rippermcrip575d ago

No, it is in the article. Sony and Nintendo do not do this themselves, however there are certain publishers that have their own (such as Activision of course).

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ABizzel1575d ago


That's not the same thing at all. PS+ / GamePass / Nintendo Online games are based on your subscription. So if your subscription is inactive you can't access them.

This is an issue that if for any reason XBL has a network outage there's a chance you can't play ANY of your games regardless of if you're in a subscription service, bought them digitally, or in some cases bought them on disc at retail since many disc-based games just install a digital copy.

Profchaos575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

@purefin no PlayStation tags your game if it's a PS plus game with an expiration date which might be the day your subscription lapses (it will extend on renewal) if you own the game it's not tagged and you get it forever

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Lightning77575d ago

But, but, playstation no, no, this is about Xbox this a unique Xbox problem and nobody else's let's not do the #whataboutisms. MS plans from 2013 have gone away only for them to sneakily add it back in all these years later. I'm not surprised. I am surprised during an outage ppl can't play offline that's anti consumer we need to make our voices heard and call them out on this crap NOW.

Profchaos575d ago

@Purefied. No if you don't set your PlayStation as primary and go offline your digital games can be played still as long as you were the purchaser of the games or subscriber of PlayStation plus.
I've personally taken my console offline many times with a large digital library and had no issues.

You will encounter problems if you're PlayStation is not primary and you are trying to play a game that another account purchased

Profchaos575d ago

@lightning yeah I agree I can still see a lot of 2013 Microsoft ideas in how the is functions.
In many ways it's ideas were way to integral to how the console functioned to be able to strip it out entirely in a few months before launch.
To be honest I've always had these problems with backwards compatible games since the early days of the X1 I recall trying to boot gears 3 which I owned digitally on my X1 during an internet outage but didn't get anywhere and this was back when BC just became a thing 2015 or so

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NotoriousWhiz574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

Are we really complaining about the "home Xbox" setting again or am I misunderstanding? Literally, every console won't allow you to play your digital games while offline unless it's set as your home/primary console. I think the Nintendo Switch is actually the worst as it seems to require a manual check every hour or so. If your Xbox is set as your home Xbox, you can play every digital game previously installed while offline. Same with Playstation. Same with the Nintendo Switch.

XiNatsuDragnel575d ago

Xbox in my opinion needs to get rid of this asap.

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Redrex7000575d ago

guess its still not worth going full digital
on a side note a lot game be doing some sort of online bs
even single player games

TheGreatGazoo30575d ago

A lot of games, even physical copies, require Online checks to boot up, a lot of that is on the developer not, Xbox or Sony.

matt139575d ago

There is absolutely no reason to support this.

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Silly gameAr575d ago

Why throw Sony into this? They don't do this. You can play any game you bought online or off. If Sony did something like this, it would be world ending.

I'm surprised anyone even made an article about this. I figured it would be swept under the rug.

dumahim575d ago

Well, not any game, as GT7 had showed us recently. But yes, it's very different from how it is on Xbox.

Silly gameAr575d ago

You can still play GT7 offline. Maybe limited, but it can still be played. That isn't anything like this.

DeusFever575d ago

We have two PlayStations and while the primary console is fine when the internet goes out, the “away” console won’t play games without an internet check-in. Fortunately my phone’s wifi hotspot works for that purpose.

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It’s been happening to me since yesterday morning. I can’t access any of my digital games which is about 99% of my library.