EGM interviews Cliff Bleszinski on Gears of War

It's sorta got a love-hate thing going on. One minute, you're having a grand ol' time playing Gears of War with your friends, the next you're spewing curse words faster than your onscreen persona's losing his blood and internal organs. Why is this game so much fun and so problem-ridden at the same time? Will the developers fix anything? And what's up with the inevitable sequel? EGM asks. Cliff Bleszinski answers.

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sjappie4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

Is it? I don't think so. I'm getting sick of people b*tchin' and moanin'
about grenade-tagging and chainsawing or every other weapon they get killed with. For every attack there's a way to counter or prevent it, just learn the games' rules and don't say it has a lot to do with luck and flippin' coins. For instance if you want to chainsaw someone, but he does it to you, then he just timed it better, nothing shady about that.
They've created the best game ever, period! I never played a game before that gave me such an adrenaline rush with my heart pounding in my throat.
Just accept the game and it's rules for what it is and don't try to change it. Can't take gettin' killed,just don't play the game, but stop all the hatin' that's going on lately. I mean Cliffy must be getting sick to, having to answer all these stupid questions.

Dusk4900d ago

In the interview, the only 'problems' that were mentioned were the 'chance' factor when two people are trying to chainsaw each other and the 'stunning' someone with melee. If someone jacked me in the face with the butt of a gun, I would be stunned for at least a second. If someone is coming at you with a chainsaw, just shotgun them. End of story. Doesn't sound all that 'problem ridden' to me.

This is the reason why I have absolutely zero respect for 1up/EGM. They're like the tabloids of gaming. Their reviews are pathetic and most of their stories are just flamebait material, with their completely over the top comments. There's just too much tabloid-like fanboy material from them to take them seriously.