Is Bethesda doing enough to generate excitement and interest about Starfield?

Bethesda hasn't shown much about Starfield yet and gamers don't seem to be very excited or shown a lot of interest. The studio can do more.

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-Foxtrot393d ago

Probably better to wait closer to release than hyping us to oblivion and back

phoenixwing393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

It'll be on game pass so they really don't have to advertise as much. Only PC players need to be advertised to imo

And yes waiting a little more till release will be a better strategy imo

Michiel1989392d ago

gamepass is also on pc......

TheColbertinator392d ago


He lives in his own world. Best not to upset him.

Army_of_Darkness392d ago

I already got the impression that Xbox gamepass gamers are incredibly hyped up for this game! Like the biggest game of the generation hype! 😱

Crows90392d ago

Right. A developer that made great games on PC way before console somehow needs to advertise to the audience that gave them attention way before the console audience did....sure.

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RaidenBlack392d ago

lets just say .. once they start the marketing, they ain't gonna stop that easily ...
so better enjoy this peace time ...

Zeref392d ago

Lol they're still marketing Skyrim 😂

Lightning77392d ago

Bethesda will go trigger happy with advertisement after the xbox show.

Embrace yourselves, they're gonna advertise like it's the last game on Earth.

crazyCoconuts392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

Oblivion reference: +3 points

thorstein392d ago

"To oblivion and back."


DarXyde392d ago

They could be hyping you to Skyrim and back too. 😃

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porkChop393d ago

I find it hilarious that everyone just forgets how Bethesda doesn't really push their games until 5 or 6 months from release. It's the same every time.

Godmars290392d ago

You know something else that's the same every time...

Hint: it rhymes with "Big Fat Chungus".

HardKnockKid24392d ago

Well we know what’s happening, there’s a bunch of salty fanboys driving this narrative about bugs this and bugs that but forgetting that their favorite game company was trying to make this game exclusive not too long ago. Just buy both consoles sheesh

Godmars290392d ago

"forgetting that their favorite game company was trying to make this game exclusive not too long ago."

What are you even talking about?

RedDevils392d ago

No need to when you can play it on PC.

Leathersoup392d ago

It's tantric advertising. Hold it..... Hold it...... Sploosh.

PapaBop391d ago

Stay the *beep* away from that ficus, that's a jizz free ficus!

PapaBop391d ago

Exactly, Rockstar does the same thing with their games and it never effects their sales. Bethesda need to get the gameplay reveal right too after the mess that was their last Fallout game. There is always enough games coming in the near future that we won't miss some drip fed footage trying to string the hype along. Only get one chance to leave a good first impression, they should take as long as they need and get it right.

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sparky77393d ago

Bethesda has some of the best marketing around, I remember when Skyrim launched I saw TV ads constantly.

The fact that this article exists proves the interest in the game, it will be a massive new franchise for sure.

LordoftheCritics393d ago

That is exactly correct.

Ppl getting frustrated and impatient means its working.

It'll be shown in time and when its ready to be shown.

Knightofelemia393d ago

I am interested in Starfield but I want Ragnarok

lelo2play392d ago

I am interested in Ragnarok on PC, but I want Starfield.

isarai393d ago

A lot of talking, they need to do a lot more showing

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Michiel1989392d ago

I actually dont mind how they handled starfield so far, they could have shown a lot of footage which likely would have been altered a couple months later or before release. Its on my radar of games im interested in, but they arent bombarding us (yet) with promises they cant fulfill. I expect to see some more footage in the coming months and hopefully it will live up to bethesda's legacy.