Square Enix Reportedly Lost $200 Million on Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy

The two Marvel games lost Square Enix $200 million in a little under two years and were responsible for the sale of western studios to Embracer, according to an analyst.

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phoenixwing756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

I'm sorry but if guardians of the Galaxy didn't sell enough they paid too much for royalties to Disney I'm thinking. In any case square is a terrible manager if their dev cost and marketing cost isn't offset by how well gotg sold.

Edit: I did some research and it sold at least one million five hundred thousand as of last October. Not to mention 5 to 10 million dollars from Microsoft for game pass. Square is crap at budgeting imo after finding this out.

2nd edit: I fear for the final fantasy franchise and square as a company if they're this incompetent

Eonjay756d ago

The cost of making AAA games has skyrocketed. 1.5 million copied is not enough to cover the cost of production, and advertising. Yes 100 million is pretty standard (if not low) for a AAA game. And selling 1.5 million won't even cover the cost.

VersusDMC756d ago

And i remember the game was half off in Canada for Black Friday. One month after release. So most of those sales aren't even at 60.

FinalFantasyFanatic756d ago

After years and years, many years, I'm just more convinced that SE is just incompetent at time management and development.

GoodGuy09756d ago

Well I've been fearing for the ff franchise since xiii lol.

Michiel1989756d ago

ahhh, a microsoft board member, good to see you here lad.

chronoforce756d ago

1.5m is pretty bad for a game that probably exceeded 100m in development costs. It is a shame as GOTG is good a game. Given how often both CD and Eidos underperformed according to SQNX their sale was inevitable.

AuraAbjure755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

GOTG seemed pretty cool, better than Avengers.

Blackcanary756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

If I remember correctly they have been losing money on FF games after ether FF10 or 12. It's the main reason why they doing the FF7 remake which cover's practically every game that is connected with FF7. Its the one of the main games in the FF franchise that made the most money for them. Not including FF11 and FF14 i think thats done quite well for them financially.

EvertonFC756d ago

Guardians of the galaxy is a great game but sadly 90% of gamers only play f2p, GaaS games these days.
So of course games will suffer. I've said it many times "be careful what you wish for". And in a few years gaming will be shite full of nothing but GaaS and f2p nonsense and gamers will wonder where it all went wrong.

756d ago
thesoftware730756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

5-10 mill from MS? is that a factual #?

SE is becoming a shell of their former selves, they need to sell to Sony and get some direction.

shinoff2183755d ago

Ive feared for final fantasy since 12 came out. All down hill imo

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-Foxtrot756d ago

Well maybe Guardians would have sold more if people weren’t put off with how shit the Avengers was

Godmars290756d ago

Designs closer to the movies/actors probably would have helped too.

senorfartcushion756d ago

It never does. People moan about all sorts of things nowadays. The same people would have moaned about them looking too much like the actors.

1Victor756d ago

@godmars you have to understand guardians even on the comics is a obscured comics and it got to a small spotlight by the movie they thought that since the movie did good the game would too but the truth is that marvel space opera is very niche in the comics with multiple cancellations over the years and returns with different members same for the avengers comics

-Foxtrot756d ago

I liked how the Guardians looked more like the comic book designs

anubusgold756d ago

The avengers should have used the comic book character looks instead of the butt ugly ones they used trying to copy the movie look. It works well in the cartoons and no one complains about it.

VivaLaManual756d ago

I actually really liked how the characters weren't like the movie ones.

Vader82755d ago

The games voice actors were as good as the movies in their own right. The interactions were wonderful.

CrimsonWing69755d ago

I actually prefer the game characters over the actors for Guardians, but I’m sure I’m in the minority on that one.

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Profchaos756d ago

It wasn't clear what it was either. Was it a action game was it a online only clone that killed it into and turned me off the game until it was out for a year and appearing on countless goty lists

DaleCooper756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

This, for sure. I avoided Guardians after playing Avengers. I did eventually buy it on a sale due to the great reviews. Way better than the monotonous Avengers live-service game.

Seraphim755d ago

while I agree there is more to it. I think a large part of the problem is simply that Guardians doesn't have the same following as your typical Marvel hero/groups. Personally speaking many of my friends who game have never even watched the two movies. I sent one friend a copy of the game free of charge and he hasn't even bothered checking it out. I love the IP, the movies, characters, etc, but it simply doesn't have the broad appeal nor does it have time on market like other super hero's. Though dropping what was Avengers was undoubtably a major blow to any success Guardians may have had otherwise but there's more to it. I picked Avengers up for $10 after playing Guardians and good grief was it mediocre at best and the live service/leveling/rewards system was disgusting.

Lastly, I do have a feeling Disney is charging too heavy of a price for use of their IPs but that is obviously just a guess. I would be interested to know what kind of money Disney requires for use of their IPs though. But look at, say, Good Smile Company and their Nendoroid line of figures. Venom is something like $95!! Most, if not all Marvel characters are quite a bit more than most other nendoroids. And something tells me Goodsmile isn't setting the prices higher simply because they can.

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Muigi756d ago

Guardians got the short end of the shtick, all thanks to the shit show that was The Avengers.

ClayRules2012756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

For real, it’s a darn shame too because Guardians has some of the best and most entertaining in-game dialogue (while you’re just walking around with your crew mates in different areas) that I’ve seen since Uncharted and the Last of Us. Avengers was crap.

Not even just that, the story overall is so freaking great, with tons of laughs and emotional moments throughout the well done campaign.

VersusDMC756d ago

I agree... but the gameplay was so meh to me that i finda wished it was a telltale type game. It was a chore.