PS3 Slim next year for £200?

Sarcastic Gamer writes - 'Roaming the streets of Glasgow (not the wisest thing to do) the other day, I came across a nice, friendly man from Sony's PR lot in the middle of an anonymous multimedia store. In the midst of discussing Home, upcoming games and how long it was taking for the store's PS3 to download Life With PlayStation (although we didn't discuss why it would need the software, since it would be used in the store for gaming), he pipped up a little bit of information about Sony's plans for the PS3 next year.'

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gaffyh4418d ago

Probably not true. They need to be quite profitable on the normal PS3 before they move onto making a slim version. Maybe 2010.

btw I didn't disagree with you

acedoh4418d ago

For probably a couple of years. The worst thing about a slow economy is that technology also slows since companies are less likely to invest millions in technology they are not sure about. Hopefully they can still advance Blu-ray and cell technology enough to drop the price of a PS3...

yog-sothot4417d ago

acedoh, I understand what you mean, but I would say that the worst thing with a slow economy is that many people lose their jobs, or that environmental topics vanish from governments priorities, something like that...

SL1M DADDY4417d ago

Maybe the Sony employee misunderstood the board meeting and the truth is a "slim price tag" rather than a slim PS3... No matter, I would be fine with a slim price since the look and size od the PS3 as it is never bothered me.

The Killer4417d ago

slim ps3 means cheaper to produce since they will use less materials on each ps3 sold!!

but i still think its early, but for the price cut damn its not early, they and we need a price cut NOW!!!

Beast_Master4417d ago

If it is cheaper to produce then you may see a PS3 slim hit stores sooner rather than later. But I would be surprised if it hit before E3 here in the states. Now a $300 dollar price tag may be a good sweet spot for consumers. I know it will spike sales.

anh_duong4417d ago

anything from sarcasticgamer isn't worth the electronic paper it is written on.

sensationalist flaming blogs have no place in the real world of gaming.

jammy_704417d ago

type ps3 slimline into google images, will probs look sumin like that looks really goooood!!!

Mozilla894417d ago

Sony knows it needs to cut prices at some point. If making a slimed down version of the PS3 will save them money and allow them to drop the price I don't see why they wouldn't do it. $300 sounds like it would be just about right.

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TOO PAWNED4418d ago

Hope that it is true, they need to cut cost so they can lower price, that simple.IS it 2 year or 4 years doesnt matter, so Sarcastic gamer calling it "premature" is stupid. Should they be stuborn and wait two more year when it all ends?

lokiroo4204417d ago

Can I ask what makes you a financial analyst and an expert in corporate affairs?

AznSniper4418d ago

I wonder how slim it is going to be.

Baba19064418d ago

seems kind of to early for a slim. i think first they ll make the normal ps3 as cheap as possible and that is not the case right now. more like 2010 or 11 me guesses.

mindedone4418d ago

The act of making a playstation a slim makes it more cost effective. When you make it slim the casing needs less material, thereby costing less.

Ju4417d ago

One big junk of costs today is the size. PCB size, the cooler is to big, to much plastic. Reducing all this is a major cost shrinking factor. A 45nm CELL due early next year will shrink the CPU and hopefully the GPU (and they possibly can merge CPU/GPU onto one die, see EE/GS combo in PS2) and there you go. Less heat, smaller cooling system -> smaller case, cheaper. I can't imagine how they'd get a PSU into a slim case, though. But then, even the latest PS2 has a built in PSU.

Horny4417d ago

doesnt more compact tech usually cost more, yes they will save money on plastic but it will cost more to reduce the size internally.

Ju4417d ago

Its engineering vs. production costs. The first being a one time investment, the later running costs per unit. If you sell a couple of million, guess which one affects the bottom line more.

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Bren864418d ago

Obviously a load of BS

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