Sony cuts PS3 price in India

techtree reports
"With Christmas inching closer, consumer electronic companies are finding ways to lure customers. Sony India has announced a price reduction on its 40GB PS3 console. The console now costs Rs. 22,990, which is Rs. 2,000 less from the original price. Sony is also bundling a free game along with it.

For those who are still unacquainted of the features, PS3 s heart is the cell broadband engine processor and is equipped with a Blu-Ray drive, 40GB hard drive to store all the saved game and downloaded content, Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity support.

Sony expects that such a price reduction will spur PS3 sales and would urge gamers to start gaming right away with the included free game.'

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riksweeney5658d ago

Is this the start of worldwide price drops?

Sony really need to drop the price of the console, they can make the money back on the games and micro-transactions in Home.

I know that they must be losing a lot of money with each console sold, but it can't be any worse than what Microsoft lose on the 360, and they're (hopefully) making some of it back from the games.

Beast_Master5658d ago

I think they get a small royalty fee from every BR that is sold? (Some one please correct me if I am wrong bc I really am not certain.) So it makes sense to get their gaming console out to as many people as humanly possible. But I agree if they are still losing $150 for every system they sell then a price cut should be hard to stomach.

I hope they do cut price because I know there are alot of people that want a PS3 and are counting on it to drop it's price.

Captain Tuttle5658d ago

Maybe it has something to do with the strength of the Yen vs. the Rupee. If the Yen is weak against it that would make it easier for Sony to drop the price there.

DrWan5658d ago

i dont think this is anything guys, probably currency readjustment

Citizen Cook5658d ago

DROIDS - why still support a company that treats you like second class citizens...

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Tango Gameworks employee shares pictures from the Xbox studio's final day

The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush studio has closed its doors.

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Einhander19723h ago

This shouldn't have happened.

Who's next..

tay870122m ago

Ninja theory. Others will follow as well. The smaller studios MS owns should all be worried. Maybe MS will try and release some of their games day and date on ps5 to save some of these studios.

Petebloodyonion2h ago

I rarely agree with you but on this I do!


3 trillion MS is worth, yet they do this, well Phil the shit bag did. No studio needed to be let go, when you are worth this much.

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anast2h ago

Sad, but I see characters and posters of either less than average or barely average games.

LoveSpuds1h ago

Have to disagree here duder, with respect. Evil Within was a good game and the sequel was fantastic, as was HiFi Rush. I'd concede Ghostwire was pretty average but regardless, shuttering a studio which just put out MS best game in donkeys years was complete shithousery on XBox' part.

Einhander197248m ago(Edited 47m ago)

Microsoft paid 8B to buy Zenimax then fired well over 1000 people from Zenimax between the time they closed the deal and they announced these shut downs.

People talk about the 1900 they fired most recently, but that was only one wave of three sets of layoffs from their gaming division so far this generation totalling around 5000 people this generation. Not counting the dozen plus studios they canned last gen including Lionhead the original Fable developers.

Fonsecap1h ago

Working people paying the price for leadership bad decisions, so unfair...

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"Ninja Gaiden Combat on a Souls Game Map" - Phantom Blade Zero Director Talks Kung Fu Punk Approach

Game Rant speaks with Phantom Blade Zero's director about its approach to combat and worldbuilding through the lens of 'Kung Fu Punk.'

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Abnor_Mal7h ago

I heard the other day that the makers of Phantom Blade Zero doesn’t even have an exclusivity contract with Sony to bring the game to PS5.

Yet it’s only coming to PS5 and PC, I wonder why is that. But with that bit of information I guess anything can happen before release and another platform could be added.

MIDGETonSTILTS173h ago(Edited 3h ago)

If: “Profit of releasing on Xbox” < “dev cost to get game to run on a Series S”

Then: game is not made for Xbox.

Either Xbox has to pay them to port, or Xbox needs to grow as a market.

Friendlygamer6h ago

Damn that sounds promising, the latest gameplay looked amazing


Fortnite Festival welcomes Metallica to the virtual stage

Give ‘em fuel, give ‘em fire, give ‘em all that they desire as the biggest metal band in the world takes over all modes for Fortnite Festival.

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