Razer Reveals New Marvel Line Of Gaming Gear

Great looking lineup and it will be great to see what comes next. Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, has announced an on-going collaboration with Marvel to create console gear for die-hard fans, Xbox enthusiasts, and collectors alike.

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darthv72276d ago

I bought this one... its pricey for what you get when you consider a controller should be $80 and charging stand $40 but this comes out to $180 (because of the theme i guess). What's worse is they have a Sonic one coming out as well for $200. Guess Sega wants top dollar for that license.

Garethvk276d ago

Licensing always drives up the cost. It is sad how much some companies pay for them in terms of how much it drives up costs.

repsahj276d ago

i like it! i hope there's a PS5 version.

Garethvk276d ago

Right now they are saying Xbox but hopefully in time.