Home servers could be forced offline by hackers?

British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has added its two cents to the tragic tale of PlayStation Home hacks.

If the paper is to be believed, "developers" have teased out loopholes in the code which allow them to customize their avatars, personal spaces and other paraphernalia beyond the presets. So, for instance, hackers might utilise "a combination of the Apache web server and DNS re-direction" to watch their own movies on display screens within Home, or change bits of text and music around. Another hack allows users to download files from the servers, including other people's avatars.

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pp4424d ago


ravinshield4424d ago

finally something good is happening on home

butbutbuttehcell4424d ago

Well done Sony. Only took you forever to bring this out and it's already being abused

SL1M DADDY4424d ago

What the hacker sees on his/her screen is not what others see. It only changes their stuff. Same with the avy hack and so on with the music hack. They only change the users machine code and not others. These hacks are "in other words" harmless.

morganfell4424d ago

And this hacker business has already been debunked. It's nothing more than the press trying to find every possible way to pile of the PS3.

morganfell4424d ago

BTW, NASA could be hacked, so could Crystal Mountain and NORAD. Barack Obama's Facebook account and your password to

Anon19744424d ago

They've got my password to Bastards!

whoelse4424d ago

Ah well free media coverage.

Pizzagaki4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

Pizzagaki has done research, Pizzagaki found out they can actually upload data to the Home server, and for instance replace the mini game arcades with porn video's, wich then can be enjoyed by all.

Be prepared to see some meatballs/taco's/salami's etch

Panthers4424d ago

The dissagreers are out today...

This is a load of s**t though.

ultimolu4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

What the f...what's with the disagrees?

I guess people were just WAITING for something to come out so they can bash Home to death.

Do we even have hard evidence that Home is being hacked to begin with?

Sayai jin4424d ago

@ultimolu- You are right, people were probably waiting for some negative news for Home to come out to bash it. But, hey this is N4G; almost every piece of hardware (PS3, 360, Wii), software, etc gets pummeled as soon as the first sign of bad news. So Hoe is not the first and it will definitely not be the last to get bashed.

ultimolu4424d ago

...I don't understand this hatred for Sony and the PS3. It's even worse than the days of Nintendo.

LokMessier4424d ago

Does the first original poster know that any server that is online can be thrown offline by hackers who abuse it or overload it?

To ultimolu:
I guess you can just say this could be construed as a case of 'favoring' one console gone to far and attacks against that console somehow 'help' in this 'console war'

Sayai jin4424d ago

Yop, it is worse now. I do not understand all the hate. I have to many great games to enjoy to hate.

Game on...

LoVeRSaMa4424d ago

Its not realy a hack, Changing how you see something isnt hacking anything.

There intercepting the HTML and XML information from Sony, and telling there PS3 something else, thus only viewable on there Screen, thats not a fu*king hack.


Get a life.

Sayai jin4424d ago

@LokMessier- I agree. The sad thing is that there is hate shown at all three consoles and the software, programs associated. It's pointed towards Sony, MS, and even Ninty. Sometimes it's warranted and sometimes it not.

LokMessier4424d ago

Yeah I could understand if it was more constructive vs just plain spiteful, but it always seems to be spite majority of the time.

Also LoVeRSaMa:
You know people if they can change one little thing that they shouldn't be allowed to change it has thus become a hack :p

Pain4424d ago

=Well done Sony. Only took you forever to bring this out and it's already being abused

Same can be said for Vista...... , many times 5 years development and how much money ?? yea... please stop talking...

Sayai jin4424d ago

@Pain- What does this have to do with Vista? I mean they are not even the same thing. One is a application inside of another applications software and the other is an O/S. With that said, every piece of software can be exploited/hacked. So if Home is hacked, big deal as long as innocent user are not exploited.

prowiew4424d ago

This could be good news to home. Maybe some hacks could make home good instead of boring.

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panasonic234424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

man fvck hackers they always got ruined the fun

chase-the-sunset4424d ago

why would they hack it?

just to break it?

fxcking do something constructive and hack bank accounts.

Jpinter4424d ago

What is with all these people bashing Home. Its an evolving platform. Look at World of Warcraft...when it launched it was good...but look at it now. Sony is going to add soooo much content and there will be so much to do.

This hacker issue isnt really that big, and it will soon be easily put to sleep by Sony.

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