5 reasons to be excited for Bethesda's next RPG, Starfield

Bethesda hasn't revealed much about its new game yet, but details that the studio has been teasing have made us excited about Starfield.

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NecrumOddBoy400d ago

I’d say be patient and wait.

littletad399d ago

Pretty sure they'll show something on June 12th.

Lexreborn2399d ago

The best advice for all games

Lightning77398d ago


People are getting themselves worked up over some rumors about the game recently. Claims are being thrown all over the place for the game.

The only thing that exciting about Starfiled to me is it's Todd's major passion project being made by his main team. The potential is more exciting than the actual game itself because well, I haven't seen nothing. Until I see something we will all judge accordingly and Bethesda knows this game will be under a microscope across the industry once they show it (for better or worse)

Like you said, we just have to wait, no point in speculation.

Sayai jin398d ago

As we should be with all upcoming games, but yet people get hyped anyway.

S2Killinit398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Completely agree. I promised myself the last time I bought a xbox console that I will never again buy an xbox based on a single game on impulse.

That was the first gears of war, with that awesome “crazy world” song advertisement. I highly doubted the purchase after Xbox stopped making games in the second half of that geberation. I never regretted it because at the time money was not a factor. Now it is. I will not buy a MS console for one game, no matter how good they promote it.

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Orbilator399d ago

I'm not really excited, but that's because I've never been a great fallout fan and someone says it's looking to be fallout in space. But I hope to be proven wrong.

gannzk399d ago

After cyberpunk failure its hard to be excited for anything.. . Maybe next elder scrolls but that's it. The state of gaming industry is pretty bad.

Lightning77398d ago

I'm Not even thinking about Elder Scrolls tbh. According to the rumors in 2020 Vowed is much larger in scale compared to Skyrim. That's a given Because Skyrim is a 10 in a half year old game no surprise there. It's also said to have real time weather physics and huge boss fights.

Fast forward to now according to Nvidia leak the game is set to release date this year in December. The leaks haven't been wrong yet if that's true then let's just say Xbox and PC gamers will be just a little busy this holiday... Just a little.

Realistically there's no way they cram Avowed this year not with Starfiled, I'm seeing early 23 release. Too much all at once.

moriarty1889398d ago

Yes gaming has definitely fallen off a cliff in terms of solid games and general excitement for the industry.

ChubbyBlade398d ago

Did you forget the last 2 bethesda games were just as broken?

DarkZane399d ago

I've never been interested in anything Bethesda related.

HardKnockKid24398d ago

And yet you clicked on an article for their flagship holiday game….. seems legit

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