Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting FSR 2.0 support - Asobo Confirms

Both FSR and DLSS are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator this year.

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CobraKai816d ago

You what I’d like on top of FSR and DLSS? Superman. Just Superman to fly around. No punching robots or aliens, just flying around the world


iniBuilds Teases Airbus A350 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and "Premier Aircraft" Series

Today popular flight simulation add-on developer iniBuilds shared some interesting teases about the Airbus A350 and more future products.

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How to Get Into Flight Simulation

Have you ever wanted to get into flight simulation, but you're intimidated by the apparent complexity of the hobby? Here's where to start.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Free Airbus A380 Gets Spectacular Video Showing a Beautiful Bird

Today third-party developers shared quite a lot of interesting news and releases of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including aircraft and scenery.

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rlow1129d ago

It’s one hell of a passenger jet. The attention to detail is impressive.

JunonZanon129d ago

One of the most comfortable airplanes on the sky, stable as a rock.

rlow1129d ago

Have you’ve ridden on one? Never have myself but would love to have the opportunity.

just_looken129d ago

The new redesign is awesome new york has 12hr flights were you can get a mini apartment to yourself bed/living room full bath.



rlow1129d ago

Wow sounds wonderful, I’ll check the links. Mahalo

JunonZanon128d ago

Yes, tried Emirates from Heathrow to Dubai. The only plane I managed to get a proper sleep haha. It is loaded with cool technology, like you can see the outside cameras on your inflight entertainment. And despite the 4 engines, it is still very quiet. Incredible!