PS5 VRR Tests Show Massive FPS Gains in Certain Games like Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank

The PS5 VRR update is finally live. Many PlayStation 5 games can now deliver much higher frame rate once variable refresh rate is enabled.

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SullysCigar810d ago

These gains are bonkers. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting such a leap...but I'll take it!

TravsVoid810d ago

Spider-Man has a 120fps mode so why are they acting like without VRR it's only 60fps.

SullysCigar810d ago

The point isn't what it's upper frame rate cap was before, it's what it brings a lesser frame rate mode up to, while retaining higher resolution, ray tracing and the like.

Ju809d ago

The RT mode never ran at 120fps

Eonjay810d ago

Seeing the real performance level of the PS5 gives me further hope for PSVR2. RT Performance Insomniac Uncapped footage reveals 50-85% overhead. Thats crazy. We are seeing 10 ms frame times here at 1440. So now imagine a VR game running with the same visual setting (with RT included and upscaled of course). Imagine you get the lowball 2.3x render savings with foveated rendering/eye tracking. I feel like the we all know PSVR2 is going to be an enormous lift from the original PSVR, but I think its still going to catch us all off guard at the same time.

S2Killinit809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

This ^
What they have said so far suggests the foveated rendering+eye tracking is going to close the gap between VR and flat games which in other words would mean the VR version will be by far the more impressive version because Anyone who has tried VR knows that the experience is much more impressive than what can be ‘shown’ in pictures/videos. So, imagine if what can be shown of PSVR2 games IS actually on par or comparable to flat games… that would blow minds on a whole new level.

That leaves the discomfort of having to wear a headset as the only factor making flat gaming more convenient.

CrimsonWing69810d ago

Without a side by side comparison can you really tell the difference? It’s a legit question as I don’t have a TV that can enable VRR, but form the video the only way I can see some minor difference is because I have the other version to compare it to.

SierraGuy810d ago

More frames equal a more responsive reaction to your input (controller).

I can't stand input lag ...we rarely had these issues in the 8/16 bit era.

ANIALATOR136810d ago

VRR doesn't add more frames though. It only matches the frame response time with the TV

Ju809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

It sure "adds" more frames, if you want, if it constantly runs like 25-50% beyond 60fps. Those are real frames that are rendered (frametime drops significantly below 16ms). Without VRR those would be capped at 60 (for everything which isn't unlocked and can't reach 120). So, ya, if it hits 80fps, it renders 80 frames per second instead of just 60.

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Mr Logic810d ago

The video is only 60fps my man...and on top of that you can't capture VRR video in a way that allows a visual comparison.

But having played with VRR and high fps on PC for YEARS at this point, and trying it out on PS5 yesterday, yes it is a big difference to go from 60 to 90-100.

Nacho_Z810d ago

@Mr Logic and ChubbyBlade

Excuse me for not being aware of the fps of the video, don't think it mentions anywhere what it is but apparently I should know.

It seems like it either makes a small improvement to fps or in some cases a pretty dramatic one which is all good. Can't say the video shows that but no doubt that's on me.

Sircolby45810d ago

I think more competitive gamers will be able to tell a difference for sure. Casual gamers...they don't pay attention to that stuff lets be real. The video is not going to show the difference because it is only 60 FPS. Also you need a TV that can do native 120 Hz, so only people with newer high end TVs will notice a difference. I would say a large number of TVs in homes today do not currently have 120 Hz or VRR support.

purple101810d ago

I got a 90hz phone and I can tell difference from 60 even though 60 is (was) supposed to be the gold standard

Nacho_Z810d ago

I could barely tell the difference even with the side by side comparison. Granted I've never been too bothered about framerates.

Mr Logic810d ago

You're saying you couldn't tell the difference between 60fps and 90fps in a 60fps video. That's some big brain right there.

ChubbyBlade810d ago

If course you can’t. The video is in 60 🤦🏻‍♂️

Eonjay810d ago

Speaking of which, I think its about time that Youtube gives us the option to watch footage in 120 FPS.

Neonridr810d ago

depends.. if you are talking about a 5fps difference, then no. You'd be hard pressed to know the difference necessarily. But if it's like 15-20 fps gain, then absolutely.

SinisterMister810d ago

Why are people downvoting your comment?

TiredGamer809d ago

In the case of unlocking the framerate with VRR, VRR actually does add frames to the experience. It's not making the PS5 perform better, but rather, letting its performance come through to the gameplay. As in, a 60 fps mode with VRR and cap unlocked can now run the game at 90 fps in actual gameplay.

809d ago
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Jin_Sakai810d ago

If only other developers offered 40fps modes like Insomniac Games. You see up to a 50% boost on top of that with VRR.

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darthv72810d ago

Im confused. Is this VRR the same as freesync or is that something else? I hear people talk about VRR and freesync and I thought they were the same thing.

--Onilink--810d ago

Same thing, hdmi forum vrr, freesync and gsync. All are forms of variable refresh rate.

Hdmi forum is open standard
Free sync amd
Gsync nvidia

darthv72810d ago

So then this means PS5 works on all of those types of monitors?

--Onilink--810d ago

Probably, technically if there is a monitor that ONLY supports gsync but not hdmi forum vrr then that one wouldnt work. But I dont know if there are such monitors.
If it says it supports Freesync or just says it has VRR (like on TVs), it should work just fine on PS5 and Xbox

GoodGuy09810d ago

I think only on freesync. Gsync is only for nvidia gpus.

CrimsonWing69810d ago

See, I was wondering about this because I have an Odyssey G9 and have the PS5 plugged in via HDMI and it does not support VRR.