Alan Wake Preview

In this preview, GamesRadar takes a look at the highly anticipated game, Alan Wake, for the xbox360 and PC.

From the preview: -- "It's almost as if the Xbox 360 is showing off. Winking its little ring of light at you. Exploding some particle effect fireworks right in your face just because it can. We're talking about dynamic lighting and ambiance, and it would be nothing more than visual showboating if it weren't for developers like Starbreeze, who see the huge possibilities in real-time changeable atmospheres and have utilized it in The Darkness, a title that would have been largely impossible on the previous generations' consoles."

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FeralPhoenix4892d ago

GOOD!....nice find jamiacan, Alan Wake definitely has that "mystery feel" to it....and this just makes me want to know more....this game will "turn some heads", no doubt.

Antan4892d ago

Nice looking screens, can`t remember ever seeing these 2.

TheMART4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

Damn it looks right like real life! After those Bioshock screens, and now Alan Wake I bet a lot of PS3 owners will think about bringing the console back to the shops (if not done already) and get a 360, even get 200 dollar/euro back to buy Bioshock/Alan Wake/Gears of War you name it. Jees how pretty these screenshots are...

@ Shadow Flare (below)

Man I really feel people would do that after seeing these kind of screenshots. That's how I feel and I will express it whenever I want. Read it or skip it


Shadow, I don't buy anything on Sony's machine untill the game is out. Plus it's not only Alan Wake, it's Bioshock, Mass Effect and more... With PS3 I only hear fanboys call Liar. Or MGS4 but that's not my game. And then it stops.

THe 360 has more and better (new) exclusives period.

Shadow Flare4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

can you ever just talk about an article without bashing the ps3?


Mart, if its graphics that makes you think people switch consoles, then maybe you should check out the ps3 exclusive Lair

miasma4892d ago

Keep articles like this coming.. i am highly interested in playing this game. Looks outrageuos graphics wise, and actually sounds a little unique with the story line that is known so far.

T-Virus4892d ago

but don't forget that it;s not here for a long time. Alone In The Dark has very good graphics too, and sounds just as cool!

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The story is too old to be commented.