Microsoft Boss Boasts Xbox Series X|S Leadership in Multiple Markets, Game Pass, Azure Gaming Growth

Microsoft's Satya Nadella and Amy Hood have talked about the performance of Xbox consoles, alongside other aspects of the gaming business.

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SullysCigar335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Well done guys, always nice to see gaming thrive.

Outside_ofthe_Box335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Nice to see that sales and market leadership matter again. We're back to the good ol days.

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ApocalypseShadow335d ago

So, now it's about sales again? Hypocrites much? You can even see the sparkle in the fans eyes when before it wasn't about sales. Now it's sales again after a generation of being dominated. And even boasting though they still have sold less worldwide overall?

It's like a track runner in the third position in a race putting their hands up as if they crossed the ribbon first when there's 200 meters to go. Umm... There's a whole lot more track to cover. Only Sugar Ray Leonard can put his hands up before a boxing match is done.

DarkZane335d ago

He is right though. Microsoft are just a bunch of hypocrites. The sad part is that it's only selling better because Xbox can be found everywhere while the PS5 is out of stock everywhere. In other words, people are just settling for a worst product because they can't actually get what they want. As soon as PS5 stock stop being an issue, Xbox will just go on losing every months in sales again.

thesoftware730335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Hahaha, exactly.

The same same people saying the same things and so passionate about redundant.

As well of this whole narrative of only selling well because it's available..who cares? That seem to be a Sony problem not a MS or Nintendo problem currently. How is this a good spin for Sony? They are lacking and need to step it up..MS don't care why it's selling, just that it is...please realize that is a Sony problem and not good for them.

It needs to be made as a negative for them, not the company that is actually producing.

Yes sales matter when you are doing well...So What?

ApocalypseShadow334d ago

So, what you're saying is that you have no argument against facts and already lost.

TheGreatGazoo30335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

MS still doesn't report sales numbers. So it's still not about hardware sales. They're still talking about engagement and revenue.

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ApocalypseShadow334d ago

Yeah. It's not about "hardware sales."


darthv72335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

they always talk about sales... to their share holders. That isnt anything new. Once in a while they get happy how things are going and share the info. This happens to be one of those times when things looked pretty good for their quarter. If you pay attention you know they do this every quarter.

@zane, sorry man... it doesnt work like that. People dont scrimp and save for a PS5 to settle for Series X|S. they will just keep waiting to get a PS5. What you are seeing is those who likely want one or both and are getting the X now that it is more available. this gen we may see higher multi console ownership than in the 7th gen, most def more than the 8th.

SurgicalMenace335d ago

Actually, that hasn't been the case with my findings. To an individual who wants to experience something new, they will deviate from their norm to experience it. When a person is starving they don't often wait for their preferred meal before eating. Sony is filling their menu with quality options instead of worrying about how many people they can sit, at the moment. More of a fine dinning approach. MS is getting as many people in the building as possible before having a proper menu in place. GP is meant to feed all of their appetites whether they'd like something different or not. Concentration/prison camp approach.

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Lightning77334d ago

If sales truly mattered they would be releasing numbers. MS will Never release numbers unless its Gamepass numbers. Leadership in Gamepass, Azure cloud growth. That's very vague considering Nintendo doesn't have any type of cloud tech or very little anyway. Sony is now building and expanding its cloud infrastructure. Out of those 3 MS by default is the leader on that front.

Sayai jin334d ago

They are reporting Microsoft numbers for investors.

Atom666334d ago

Lol. They're going to mention successful aspects of the company. It's their job. Even if it upsets you.

If they need help coming up with lame analogies, I'm sure you could offer your resume.

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rlow1335d ago

They have always talked sales. What they have said in the past, that they weren’t going to put out how many Xbox’s sold. Which they haven’t, but even if they do change that down the road. It’s all about tactics in the face of competition and these companies change all the time. So any controversy is just plain fanboy stuff.

bleedsoe9mm335d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft make their money on engagement not console sales, its the console business model.

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gangsta_red335d ago


"That marketplace's success is tied directly to the number of consoles sold."

that's not true at all, especially when that marketplace can be accessed through other means, not just by consoles.

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