Let’s Be Honest, Video Game Shows and Expos Won’t Be the Same Again

A few years ago, video game trade shows were the hottest thing going. There was no way you could get in to PAX East without scoring some sort of pass in first-day ticket sales, and E3 was the hottest destination on the planet when it came to all things video games. But then what happened?

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z2g340d ago

end of an era. personally speaking, i loved going to E3. it was one of my favorite things to do every year. It was admittedly less fun when they started allowing the general public to attend as it got way too crowded, but still. i will remember it all fondly.

Aeery340d ago

My exact same experience.
I loved so much attending to E3.
Talking, watching, trying, tons of swag, conferences, opportunities ...
Now the cold, soulless "digital events".

mastershredder340d ago

What's ironic to me is publications (history since 2020) making statements like this when they have no idea how the old shows used to be or how vastly different and directed these events are. Seriously, go soak your pretentious heads.

gangsta_red340d ago

We just had PAX, the issue is LA, they're slowly opening up but still stuck in covid pandemic hysteria.

Even still, with the rise of social media and YouTube and other media outlets, there really is no reason to put on these big shows. Just hire a team of editors and cut a bad ass promo

Atom666340d ago

Still waiting for those bad ass promos, though.

I always enjoyed the trade shows, and the presentations that came with them. Judging by all of the attention, gossip, and excitement that comes with every announcement of a Direct/Showcase/State of Play, I think most consumers still want the big shows and massive hype that comes with it.

Virtual events have potential, but there's a reason so many people compare them to things like E3 every time imo.

gangsta_red340d ago

I always like how Nintendo does their Directs, especially the one produced by Robot Chicken that one year.

I always found live events tiresome. especially with uncharismatic hosts making cringe jokes on stage.

I do miss the E3 after parties in LA though

Atom666339d ago

Haha, you do have to take the good with the bad, that's for sure.

Nintendo does manage ok with most of its directs. But we also get things like that Switch Sports volleyball segment recently.

I've never gone out to E3, but have hit a few PAXs and a few Cons on the east coast. Always a good time.

Aloymetal340d ago

Of course not, the main player is not there anymore.

Aloymetal340d ago

All the media and ''journos'' desperate trying to find the cause of why E3 is not the same anymore when they know exactly why but aren't allowed to say it because they might upset some and give credit to a company they don't really like;)

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