Top 5 Xbox 360 Exclusives Every PS3 Owner Should Want

While we remain very confident that the list of 2009 PS3 exclusives will vastly outstrip anything the Xbox 360 has to offer (with the possible exception of Gears of War 3, if it makes it next year), we are gamers first and foremost. And because of this, despite our GoY 2009 award predictions, we figure it's only fair: what Xbox 360 exclusives should PS3 owners want?

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Nathan Drake4305d ago

1.Gears 2=No,the multiplayer is completely broken and the singleplayer is lackluster.Gears 1?Definitely.

2.Mass Effect=Extremely overrated,what they promised was NOT what was in the game+the myriad of technical problems just crippled the experience.

3.Fable 2=It's alright,not too sweet and not too sour.

4.Left 4 Dead=Coming to Ps3 in a few months courtesy of EA.

5.Halo 3=No,it's the worst Halo in the Halo series.

Here are some actual high quality 360 exclusives that I can see Ps3 only owners enjoying;Braid,and Gears of War 1(nonexistent story but fantastic multiplayer).

sonarus4305d ago

An exclusive should be quantified as only playable on xxx. Mass Effect 2 has no release date but i imagine it will at the very least come out on the PC and left 4 dead is already out on the PC. I would throw in Ninja Gaiden 2 and alan wake...oh wait another pc title:(

CloudsEnd4305d ago

I just want Mass Effect and Gears please. =/

austere4305d ago

why can't I give Drake negative bubbles ;(?

Kaneda4305d ago

Maybe I want left 4 dead and Gears of War.. but not the other 3 games.

Razmossis4305d ago

Even though I have both consoles, id still like those games to be on the PS3, I just prefer it. Also my xbox wont read disks lol

From Nintendo, Id really love to be able to download the POKEMON! games from the PSN Store, that would really be amazing!

I find Gears meh.
Mass Effect will be coming to PS3 thanks to EA so whatever.
I dont see whats meant to be good about L4D... yet.

But Fable II looks fantastic from what ive seen, it really looks like a place I would like to be in, also it seems like its an RPG for beginners which is nice.

Id love Halo 3 for online only, its an online game that you can take seriously, the only other serious online console game I find is MGO

Oh and Braid!

Garbage4305d ago

you sound like a hater.
mass effect was good even with the problems, the game ended abruptly for me though
gears of war 2, fable 2, and halo 3 are all good games.
they all had alot of talented effort put into each of them

try to be a gamer, and not a hater loser!

austere4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

^^^ yep

you can see the fanboys easily in articles like this. They continue to hate on the console when it clearly is about games. They hate the console thus they hate the game even tho the game is great.

don't hate the game, hate the console. How bout, just don't be a douchebag?

AAACE54305d ago

OK so some of those games will be released on PC as well... Are "YOU" going to buy them on PC?

addic4305d ago

i didnt know that the 360 had more than 5 exclusives... ;)

sa_nick4305d ago


... that is all. Oh and maybe that Braid game everyone's always talkin' 'boot.

They can keep their generic FPS's

Sarcasm4305d ago

Those are good choices. Except Halo 3, leave that for the 360 fans.

SuperM4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Oh, but i already own Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect. On my PC... And Mass Effect 2 is probably Multiplat

Gears2, Fable2, and Halo3 is good. Cant think of anythink else that should be on the list. Atleast not in my preference. Perhaps Alan Wake, but im getting that for PC :P

Danja4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

I would love to play Mass Effect on the PS3 this is the only 360 exclusive I want on the PS3.....

Gears 2 is great but I can live without it honestly..

Already own the PC version of L4D

Fable cool also I wouldn't mind this one either

Halo 3...seriously this can stay 360 exclusive favorite Halo game is still the 1st Halo..XD

Braid would be more than welcome btw..

BattleAxe4305d ago

Left 4 Dead is the only one on the list that actually excites me.

*Gears 2* might be alright, but I think its a little too homo erotic with everyone in the game having huge muscles. I don't realy like Cliffy B too much either. Actually I like him about as much as I like Itigaki (Ninja Gaiden) which means I won't buy his games.

Fable 2 and Halo 3 you can throw in the trash bin and MassEffect just doesn't interest me.

hay4305d ago

I'm different...
1. Fable 2
2. Tales of Vesperia
3. Lost Odyssey
4. Dead or Alive 4 (say what you want, I loved the game on DC)
5. Project Gotham Racing 4 (spiritual successor of Metropolis Street Racer, also on DC, which was awesome game)

stevenhiggster4305d ago

Not interested in Halo at all, or fable or any of them really! The only one on that list I would even think about buying would be Gears 2, purely just to see what all the hype is about.

In all honesty the only xbox360 exclusive I am gutted at not being able to get is Ninja Gaiden 2.

phosphor1124304d ago

-Left 4 Dead, I have for the PC (it's already getting repetitive, people need to make maps now)

-I didn't like Gears, Gears 2 single player was fun though, I still can do with out, I honestly would rather do without the fanboys thinking the cover system came from Gears

-Halo 3, while everyone in my school was saying H3 was going to be amazing, I told them it would be horrible, guess what, it was and a $50 expansion won't fix it either.

-Mass Effect was broken on 360, on PC it ran a lot better. It was a good story, but gameplay got old fast. I got to the point of being able to throw then shoot people to kill them.

-Fable 2 is a good game, I liked the first one, until I realized how short it was. I don't know how long the second one is though. I want to play it, but like most RPG's I can wait or do without

CViper4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

5. XMB invites.
4. Voice Message/Voice Mail
3. Custom Soundtracks IN ALL GAMES.
2. Fable2 or Lost Odyssey
1. FF13 to be excluded from the HDDless 360, and for it to be made exclusively on PS3 hardware so we can get Killzone2 like visuals.

As far as the game library goes, maybe if it was 2007. But Everyone has played the 360's only good games. Gears and Halo by now.

MisfitSmurf4304d ago

2.Mass Effect-No
3.Fable 2-a rental maybe
4.Left 4 Dead- yesss
5.Halo 3-hell no :/

ThanatosDMC4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

But i all ready have a 360... but if they can upgrade Dead Rising then im all for it. Upgrade the game by using GTA4's physics engine and graphics. Forgot what it was called.

For those that have Left 4 Dead on Steam. Go to My Games. Right click on L4D. Properties. Launch options. Type "-serverbrowser".

Tempist4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

The absoluitely hilarious thing is if you're a PS3 gamer with a decent PC, you're already able to play most of these (4/5 titles). Let us not forget that Microsoft has this tendency to claim exclusive (on a console) and then relase it for a PC in the following months.

To be honest, the only playstation games I can recall doing this are Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2, and final Fantasy 7 and 8. There are probably more, but I'm willing to bet that list is far shorter than Microsofts.

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rebirthofcaos4305d ago

the lsit is craptastic XD XD none of them i want to play

Eromu4305d ago

Ditto, I have no desire for any of them to come to PS3.

Generic Shootan, Game I have no interest in, Lame sequel, Generic Shootan, Generic Shootan...

austere4305d ago

Shootan? If you dislike the listed games then I don't see how you like any PS3 games either. Just go back to your cave and don't play any games instead since you have no interest in what they have to offer.

BattleAxe4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Generic Shootan?? What does Shootan mean? ........Idiot

windmill1454305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

1.Gears of War
2.Mass Effect
3.Fable 2
4.Left 4 Dead
5.Halo 3

3 shooters
1 shooter/rpg
1 action/rpg

Whoooop4305d ago

Give me Gears 2, Mass Effect, Halo 3.... Fable 2 (rent), L4D (pass).

That's about it.... Nothing more.

Harry1904305d ago

but Mass Effect is a class act. It really is one of the best if not the best game on the 360.

Halo 3 on the PS3 is far fetched but it is still better than Gears.

Mistwalker games would be nice.

Raoh4305d ago


i'd replace fable 2 and halo 3 with the forza series the gta4 dlc.

all i could think of really. the majority of the ps3 owners are happy with their list of games. its microsoft working hard at getting ps3 games.