Why All The PS3 Hate?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "If there's one thing I've noticed this past couple of weeks, it's the increased amount of disdain for Sony's Playstation 3. It's almost as if the whole industry has something against Sony for winning the last two generations. First Time Magazine, then Alleyinsider and now Kotaku. There's a name for this and it's called media sabotage."

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Breakfast4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

When you get trounced by the competition?
When your hyped titles sell less that expected?
When Home didnt turn out the way, it was supposed too?

You cant tell me LBP and Resistance are must haves, if people didnt run out and buy the game nor the Even in these Holiday months.

Negative attention from the press on Home. If something sucks, it sucks. Yes it has an upside. But it sucks right now. You cant deny that.

If your console has nothing positive going for (compared to the other consoles)...of course your gonna get bad press. It happened in 2007, its happening now.

No its not dead. No its not in trouble. Yes its having a bad holiday season.

fishd4425d ago

Sony was the top dog for years,PPl hate the top dogs,that's just common sense,and that's sad...

Timesplitter144425d ago

You forgot to include words there ;)

BigBaehr4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )


Edit: The disagree bandit returns!

EditEdit: bandit(s)

EditEditEdit: Here are some agrees you suppressed PS3 fans.

Editx4: All the hate! NOOOOO!!!

Editx5: =:O An agree.

Homicide4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Because they're practically doing nothing to improve their image. The sales are sort of bad, the great game sales are underwhelming and well PS3 lost two big exclusives this year: FFXIII and Tekken 6. To me, they're just relying on brand recognition and its pissing me off. Microsoft is doing a great job securing exclusives and gaining third party support. I do appreciate Sony's 1st party games. They learned they can't really rely on third party all the time.

thebudgetgamer4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

and Sony seems like the easy target


edit: i think people take the word hate to lightly
i hate killers rapist terrorist.
but apiece of consumer electronics no

HDgamer4425d ago

I ran out and bought the two games. You must be a fanboy and not a gamer.

Bathyj4425d ago

M$ are bullies and whores. I'm so glad Sony AREN'T like them, even if it means they lost a couple exclusives that I get to play anyway.

As far as I can see, Nintendo dont give a crap about gamers anymore, Microsoft would rather make the competition look bad than make themselves look good, and Sony is the only company that yeah, maybe tries to reach beyong their grasp occassionally, but are still trying to do the right thing by their customers by giving the best they can do as far a hardware and supportting that hardware.

Kratos2154425d ago

MS really doesn't have a lot of exclusive games (especially since i count PC games as not exclusive) but its true that the 3rd party support is outstanding for the system. I just wish they had more 1st party developers.

jaysquared4425d ago

I agree with FishHD.. Sony was the top dog for the last two gens but the reason there are a lot of hate towards them is they were very arrogant. Remember all the talk Sony was doing before the PS3 launched?

"Next Gen doesn't start until we say so."
"People will work to buy the PS3."
"PS3 is still too cheap."
"Rumble was last gen."
-Shoving a movie format down peoples throat!
etc etc etc...

I know most of the things that were being said was made by Krazy Ken Kutaragi and was probably the reason he was removed as president of SCEE but the whole company was like that in general. Kutaragi was just more vocal. Yes M$ probably says the same thing but they weren't the top dog the last two gen and everybody likes to root for the underdog. It seems like nintendo doesn't say anything or people just report less NIntendo news around here. Sony and M$ have both bashed the Wii calling a "fad" but nintendo just go out and do their business and keep selling Wiis. Nintendo was in the same situation as Sony now back in the days after being king with SNES and NES they got real arragont. Nintendo's arrogance was the Playstation was born! They got owned the last two gen and ate whole "humble" pie but now are back on top. Congrats to them!

HDgamer4425d ago

You can't deny that you're a fanboy who clearly doesn't give a damn about another person's opinion when its not a fact.

Breakfast4424d ago

If the Washington Redskins go out and lose 3 games in a row...of course theyre gonna get bad press.

Its not that the press hates the Redskins, but theirs just not that much to be positive on.

Redskins suck by the way :)

LokMessier4424d ago

Wait a minute...what the hell?! XD

cactuschef4424d ago

Lets not forget that the people writing these anit-ps3 articles say things like this:

"The PS3’s big bonus is its ability to double as a Blu-Ray player. Too bad no one seems to care about hi-def DVDs. The differences between Blu-Ray and DVD are hard to see on a TV less than 50″.

Danja4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

Props to Torrence Davis...the industry needs more ppl like you..

and to all the ppl hating on the PS3 as "Ken Kutaragi" said get a freakin job so you can afford one it aint that expensive ne more...

When this generations ends the PS3 will be looked upon as one of the best consoles ever....I called it...XD

Yoma4424d ago

No, but I can say the game sales isn't doing very well..

wipeout20004424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

I have both the PS3 and 360, but I do want to see the PS3 do better (for some reason). PS3 needs to focus. Maybe its the Japanese way of doing business, or maybe they need new higher ups, but they need to change the way certain things are getting done. I can understand why home got delayed but the way its getting implemented sucks. What about having an option to load straight into home (no you wouldn't need an internet connection)so that its part of the system instead of an application.

What about improved network communication features.

What about actually researching and listening to what gamers are currently looking for and appeal to their demand. (They were like a year behind in 1st person shooters and are just now starting to produce RPGs)

What about actually advertising games. You have no idea how many people asked me: "What the hell is resistance?" where as my 50 year old mom knew what Halo was.

What about being more aggressive when it comes to 3rd party titles. Microsoft is a vicious company when it comes to securing games because they know thats the only way they can stay as a mainstream system, where as sony had 3rd party titles handed to them in the past.

Summary: Sony needs to change its business practices and react faster to market demands or it will suffer a slow death.

PS. I'm sure its the NPD results that led to this explosion of news. I'm sure everyone was thinking it, but they needed proof before they went ahead and opened their mouths.

Halochampian4424d ago

Yes.. Redskins do suck.


PS.. I live in the Washington area.

SL1M DADDY4424d ago

All the companies and journalists kicking Sony in the face right now are North American based. Some may be based in other countries but none in Japan or the Sony side of Europe. Taking a look at these folks, they bolster the North American competition and virtually ignore the Wii despite it's lack of worth while titles.

Nintendo puts out a console that sells but has some of the worst games ever and very few exclusive that actually rate well or sell well. The media ignores them.

MS has some of the worst hardware issues ever in console history and blatantly bashes the competition in public talks and the media bolsters them with praise and full on support.

Sony makes a few promises they cannot keep and struggles out of the gate with games and the media never lets up. They rip into Sony like a friggin rottweiler and never let them have a break.

IMHO, the western media has it out for Sony, a japanese company and will even bolster the run of a company that willingly and knowingly shipped faulty hardware just to get to the market first. Sad but it's just to obvious to deny.

You can disagree with me all you want but when somebody like Tor Davis says stuff like this, I tend to wonder if my point is even more validated. I've always considered him to be 360 "partial", not calling him a fanboy but partial to the western side of the console race.

Mini Mario4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

"Sony was the top dog for years,PPl hate the top dogs,that's just common sense,and that's sad... "

God i know what i mean, the wii has the exact same problem.

So did the SNES with all those "stricter" rules set by nintendo for devs to develop for their system. Big Bad Nintendo were "bullies".

Well until the psONe came along that is....the rest is "shovelware" history. "come one, come all" they would shout out to devs

(even tho the snes had crap too, but sony really did create the tsunami)

Mini Mario4424d ago

"I do appreciate Sony's 1st party games. They learned they can't really rely on third party all the time. "

I know what u mean, fanboys always go on about how nintendo over use their 1st pary franchise exclusives.

But u know least they still have em

smitty4424d ago

Microsoft is simply engaging high paid PR firms and publicists who write or post negative articles about their competition to sway opinion. It happens in all industries, just take it with a big grain of salt.

Real Gambler4424d ago

You have guys like Bloodmask who spent hours every day, digging every bad PS3 articles they can find. Somehow, I have a feeling guys like that are not even paid by Microsoft.

You have guys who write their opinions in any blogs, then 5 minutes later, somebody will say it's NEWS for News 4 gamers.

You have full web sites dedicated to hate one console over another. Some are totally biased, like Kotaku.

Luckily, the bulk of the gamers do not really care about this. This is why the PS3 pretty much as many consoles as the 360, even if it was TWICE the price. That's why the Wii outsold both next gen consoles.

godofthunder104424d ago

I'm tired of reading ps3 fanboys saying that sony looks out for them first instead of makeing a profit.For exsample Bathyj said and i quote"M$ are bullies and whores. I'm so glad Sony AREN'T like them, even if it means they lost a couple exclusives that I get to play anyway".I don't know if ps3 fanboys like him really belives something stupid like this or they are just saying it because they are ps3 fanboys.

Ps3 fanboys also claim that the 360 doesn't have any exclusives because they have some of them on computers.The fact is that 97% or higher of the people that bought a ps3 or 360 like playing games on them instead of a computer.Every one i know have a computer and a 360 or a ps3.Not one of them play games on a computer.I have a computer and a 360.I never bought one exclusive game on the 360 for the computer i've always bought the one for the 360.The same with people that like playing games more on the computer more then the game systems.The majority of them never bought a 360 or ps3.I've read some post for computer fans.The majority of them alway talked trash about the ps3 and 360 because they like the computer more then them.The point i'm trying to make is that it doesn't matter if some 360 exclusives are on the computer to.Over 95% of the people that buys it for the computer doesn't even have a 360 or ps3 because they like the computer more.If the ps3 fanboys want to be honest i bet that over 90% of them don't like playing games like they have on the ps3 and 360 on the computers because i know i don't and every one i know that have a system don't like playing games on the computer to.

I want ps3 fanboys like him to be honest for 1 minute.I want them to ask themselfs if what they are saying makes any since.They are claiming that a developer loves sony so much that they would give them an exclusive for nothing and lose Double to tripple the profit they would make if they put it on all the systems.If any company did buisness like that they wouldn't last long and the share holders wouldn't be happy 1 damn bit.Sony doesn't buy exclusives like microsoft does sony does it in other invested money in some exclusives.In other words sony would help the developer with the money to make the game and that is why some games are exclusive to sony and that's a fact.people that don't belive it need to look it up.I'm not saying every exclusive but some sony exclusives.Sony,Microsoft and any other company doesn't give a sh*t about the people all they care about is makeing a profit any way they can.

I'm also tired of hearing stupid remarks that sony looks out for them first before makeing a profit.people that belives this need to see a physcoltrist.The first and only thing that sony is looking for is to make as much profits as they can.The fact is that sony is just like microsoft and every other big company.As a matter of fact sony lied to us before with the ps2.Before the ps2 was released sony showed a film of a game and said it was actual game play.When the system and game came out the graphics suxed,they wasn't even close to what sony showed us.The developer of the game finally said that it wasn't actual game play like sony claimed but it was a prerended trailor.

I have a 360 and i love it.I wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.It's the system that i like the most.I think that it has the best game of the 3.This is my opponion.I'm not saying it's a fact like the fanboys because it isn't.Some people like the ps3 more and i respect their opponion.I don't care what system a person have.they should be honest instead of lieing and saying stupid remarks.

I think that the ps3 and 360 are both great systems.They both have positive and negative things about them.The people that say they don't like one exclusive on the other system is a lier.I have a 360 and i wish that R1&2 and KZ2 was on the 360.I would have bought these 3 games on launch date if they were on the 360.On the other hand the ps3 also have games i don't like.I don't like LBP.I think that's it's a child game and it wouldn't have sold like sony pridicted if it was on the 360.If it was on the wii it would have sold a million in the first few days it was out.Then they have MGS4.Ps3 fanboys are saying that people are saying they hate it because it's on the ps3.I've never did like the MGS series.I think that it has the stupidest story line in the history of video games.If i like to sit down and watch something for almost 3hrs i watch a movie.If i wanted to play a game i play anything else but MGS4.The fact is that you watch more then you play.They even have some Ps3 fanboys claiming that the MGS series have always been a ps exclusive.The fact is that MGS was on the nintendo way before it was on the ps and that's a fact.What i'm trying to say is that every one like at least 1 game on the other system but are to childish to say it.If KZ2 or R1&2 was on the 360 they 360 fanboys would be saying they are great games instead of saying they sux.The same thing with ps3 fanboys.If Halo or GOW1&2 was on the ps3 they all would be saying they are great games instead of saying they sux.

The biggest thing i have problem with is when ps3 fanboys claim that sony looks out for them first instead of a profit and that's a joke.I also have a problem with ps3 fanboys claiming that developers love sony so much that they would give sony an exclusive for free and lose millions on purpose just so they could give sony an exclusives so they could sell more ps3 so sony could make a bigger profit.Like i said before ps3 fanboys need to think a minute and ask them selfs if it makes any since.If they are honest they will say it's the stupidest remark they ever heard because it is.Game developers are just like any other company.They are out to make as much profit as they can.They don't give a sh*t about sony or microsoft.They look out for their company first.

prowiew4424d ago

Im actually going to defend kotaku, allinsider and all the rest. Ok the allinsider guy seems to be angry or something at sony cause all the words he uses. But it is just a blog! Is not news directly reporting from cnn. In almost all the blogs, reporters make their opinion. Thats why I like blogs. Also im gonna defend when he says ps3 dont have big names. Why? Probably he is not a hardcore gamer, so he dont know what is metal gear, little big planet or resistance. But I can assure he knows what games are halo or gears of wars or mario. But the one Im going to defend more is kotaku. Why? They are reporting with npd numbers and in USA, lbp have not sold 1 million. It actually didn't sell that well in USA, especially for a title that supposed to be a system seller. A reporter from japan is not going to say to its jappanese audience that the 360 is doing well because worldwide it has sold millions!. When actually in their territory its selling like crap. Know the difference.

JsonHenry4424d ago

I think it is only because that sales fell way short of what was expected and the fact that Sony as a company has falling stock prices, downgraded earnings predictions, and announced layoffs last month.

It really does not have to do specifically with the PS3 itself. It has to do with Sony as a company. And lets not forget the fact that the entire world is in a mini recession..

The PS3 will be around for quite a while. And even though I prefer my 360 over my PS3 right now (simply due to a better buddy/online system) that does not mean in the years to come that Sony will not pull ahead. I mean the PS2 sold like hotcakes for two years after the release of the PS3.

Monchichi0254424d ago

This guy tries to call out Time magazine for using faulty information when he too qoutes wrong numbers.

He says LittleBigPlanet has sold over a million copies which has been debunked already. They are FAR from it actually. Those numbers came froma VGChartz and we all know how accurate they are!!!

LBP sold around 285,000 in October when it first released but in November, it only sold around 144,000 copies! Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's only about 429,000 copies. And these are numbers coming from NPD AND SONY themselves!!!! So you can't argue against that! So at that rate, LBP won't even reach a million till the end of winter.....if there lucky!!!

So before blaming others, please check your own stats!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4424d ago

Playstation fans hated on the 360 before it came out. I remember things like "the PS3 will destroy the 360 day one" and "all our games will make the 360 look like Game Cube" and "the 360 will go the way of the Dreamcast". They bashed and bashed and bashed, it's poetic justice. You also had a lot of american bashing and that all we play is FPS and the Xbox is just the FPSBOX, (tables turn) Then when the 360 started doing well and the PS3 doing poorly, here came SDF and thier mud slinging campain. The worst of it all is the fans that write petitions (DMC4 and FF13) cry, complain, and blame Microsoft for buying everything from exclusives, reviewers and every gaming sie on the net.

So just take it, the PS3 isn't the PS2 and it never will be...:)

Beast_Master4424d ago

You do realize you are quoting US sales numbers which represent only 7 million consoles in the US. It is safe to assume that LBP has sold 1 million copies worldwide considering there are 10 million other consoles that you are not accounting for in your numbers.

BlackTar1874424d ago

you do relize that the xbox was out over a year earlier right . your comment almost doesnt make any sense. You and american websites lol isnt it sad that american companys have been known thru out history to make the worst products? faulty etc. and how americans love to let them crap on them from above and eat it up?

so sony has a bad month adn all the doom and gloom you do relize ps3 is doing better then 360 right you count the months and sales and you cant look in the mirror and say the 360 is winning they have a slim lead brought on by over a year of no competetiona dn no other next gen anything its a sad day when common sense flys out the door on you guys.

Simple question did 360 lose over 7-8months in 2008 ? did 360 sell more in a 24month period or not . is xbox succesful anywhere else but the UK and america since you people love to not include the other bigger part of the world when you post drivvel. Answer those questions and let me laugh in your face for being so shortsided and a FAKE GAMER and this is why people hate MS they bring this kinda attitude to the gaming market well hell every market there in and create media tools like you guys.

Play games for games not your bias crap.If you hate a system for such petty reason and or console YOU ARE NOT A GAMER YOUR A CHILD WHO NEEDS MOMMY TO TEACH HIM SOMETHING


thewhoopimen4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

You can be pro 360 Jason, but don't even try to twist facts. This console gen started with the 360 and it was the 360 fanboys that were making the very statements you now purport Sony fans made. Only scum (like your favorite company) would stoop so low like that.

Anyway as i have said before. MS is already at the rock bottom of their pricing. They have no cards left beyond trying to get 3rd party exclusivity at this point. Sony has about $200 dollars they can drop on their console as well as 16 1st party studios to supplement lost 3rd party exclusivity. I already know how this console gen is going to play out and while Sony isn't going to be first, MS is not going to be in 2nd.

How long will the 360's momentum sustain when Sony price drops consoles around Killzone 2's release? I am 80% this is going to happen AND there won't be the past mistakes of doing 1 commercial/week. I'm sure Sony is clear now that the average American consumer AND/OR journalist is a dumb moose that needs to be propoganda marketed much the same way Hitler used continous media rants and denouncements to turn ordinary german citizens into jew haters. Whoever brainwashes the TV goers is the one who wins it seems.

It is up to Sony at this point to re manage their marketing ad campaigns correctly (blitz every media outlet like MS does) and we'll see Sony weather this stupid media sabatoge.
MS is far too shortsighted to win this gen. It started with the consoles poor hardware reliability, PR sabotage and mudslinging, cutting off their 1st party studios, and it just might end with public outrage come spring with a new surge in RROD failures. I DON'T think everyone got a Jasper for X-mas.

jadenkorri4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

the jasper according to some 360 fanboys fixes all rrod, even on your launch 360 apparently...if someone can explain how, i would love to hear it, if not, then basically your logic is that every 360 owner should go buy another 360, so we have the launch 360, + the falcon, + the jasper, so at 199.99 despite launch not being that, do some simple math and well you have approx 600.00 dollars wasted on a 360...GJ, im glad i never fell for MS properganda, thou i did get a 360, it was a falcon, and it rrod on me in a week, but wait the jasper was around when i got mine, so wtf, why did it rr on me then...dumb fanboys, i knew they were wrong...

Pain4424d ago

...Just Piss off the god's... u kids these days...

gogators4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

and I am not a dumb moose. Your comments later in that paragraph are insulting, thewhoopimen sir.

On topic, the PS3 is doing fine. The fastest toward the finish line initially doesn't always finish first. I am sure Sony knows better what it's doing than any journalist can.

djroberts4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

I did run out and buy LBP. I in fact pre-ordered it. Lot's of people did the same for R2. LBP is absolutely a must-have for anyone who bought it and for a ton of people who know nothing about it that would buy it.

Look at Halo 3. Over 8 million sold and I didn't like it playing it at a friends house. I didn't buy it and it's not a must have for me.

Get it now? Must-have means for those interested in that type of game, the game is a must-have.

Most people in voted for G. W. Bush and drink crappy domestic beer. Does that mean Bush was a must-have president and Miller is the best beer?

The Mikester4424d ago

it's just b/c all the 360 players are hatin on them b/c we took or will take some of what the 360 already has like in-game music.
they also don't want to admit that the PS3 is a really good system and i know that they hate how much you have to pay just to get one.

pain777pas4424d ago

the console is pricey. End of story

xbox360migs4424d ago

It's called Karma and Frankly SONY deserve every bit of it, shame it won't last, in the eyes of many... Sony can never do wrong no matter what! Go nintendo!

Bubble Buddy4424d ago

It's cool these days to hate PS3. >.>. Nobody likes a winner. Especially a winner that keeps winning. Sony will pull through.

ofx3604424d ago

Everything Sony's gaming division has done failed sales wise(From consoles to exclusive games) this holiday and game journalists, wanting to do their job, give their opinions on the matter...

jib4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

yep. media is just telling it how it is. playstation brand isn't dominating like it did with the PS2/PS1. i like sony. they make great products. but truth be told.. they are, as of today and maybe even the next 2 years, sitting in last place. last frigin place.

truth hurts. specially for the hardcore sony fans out there(or on n4g). thats why a lot of them/you see it as hate

BWS19824424d ago

stereotyping of Americans. I don't get hand-fed the media's crap, because frankly, I don't even read or watch much of it, I don't trust them, and I also don't think very highly of M$.....

And fanboys like Jason and Breakfast need to stop presenting their naive opinions as facts. Trounced by competition? Where, according to who? Within your inner-moron-circle of PS3 haters who talk late into the night about how bad Sony is "failing"? Put your hard-on for MS away and get a clue. A game's sales don't mean it's a bad game, a bad game makes a bad game, deal with that. Stop boasting about Halo and Gears sales to prove your points. That's not to say that they are bad games (I like Gears, actually, because I'm not a fanboy), that is to say that their sales do NOT dictate the quality within the games. I have yet to see a valid statement come out of a fanboy, so continue the illogical babbling and myopic views on things, it only makes those of us with a higher capacity to ascertain the truth smirk at your naivety and disregard your lack of understanding of anything. You apparently have no f-ing clue about anything, good luck with that.

PS3n3604424d ago

I am not jealous. I have one. I never use it. I do not know why. I just don't.

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Xheratuul4425d ago

why the laugh and happiness...

Bill Gates4424d ago

3 gens in a row B!tches.....AAHAHAAHAHAAHA

Sonyfanclubpresident4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

don't go calling our fellow 360 gamers BABOONS when you know good and well we're nothing but a bunch of butt hurt sales lacking 3rd place losing "HIPHOP IDIOT" NEANDERTHALS!

earwax4424d ago

Uhhhhhhhhhh because it suck$

ravinshield4424d ago

the ps3rd is a big black heavy piece of sh!t

dukadork4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

that's what you get when you're leading

a big pile of drool, frustration and jealousy.
they try to make up a rational for it but it's all bull

it's like in politics:
after 8 years of clinton, the country was doing great but there was so much jealousy, greed and envy from the far right that they came up with that blow job bullsh!t to get bush elected: the worst POS president in history, look at the disaster we're in now!

was it really about a blow job?
was it really about clinton's objective performance?

of course not!
it was about how you can manipulate people that are massively misinformed
the current gaming media is basically FOXNEWS

Tiberium4424d ago

I don't have anything against the ps3, it's an awesome piece of hardware. But I don't like Sony. I have never seen so much arrogance in my life. It's their own fault that they are in last place. Microsoft must have really gotten under their skin last gen with games like halo that weren't possible on the ps2. Then they added a hard drive and 5.1 surround sound etc to the xbox. Then they were like I'll show you. Then they made the ps3. But they forgot about the 3rd party that fueled their sales. And Jack Tretton proudly said,"the generation starts when we say it does."

malcolm x4424d ago

microsft paied the media

FRoSTiViAN4424d ago

why is it microsofts problem that sony couldnt figure out the ps3 by the time microsoft made the xbox360. we shouldnt hear crying from ps3 fans cuz people who work at sony are stupid. if sony would have been as smart as microsoft employees then maybe ps3 wouldnt have came out a year later.

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40cal4425d ago

That was the most truthful piece of gaming media I have read in the past two weeks. Peace.

egm_hiphopgamer4425d ago

Great Article dog co-signing from the hiphopgamer man this article has class, truth , style, kotaku, along with any other website hating on ps3 for no reason shall be smashed and everybody know how i get down so it's on and poppin 4 Life we run this!

v1c1ous4425d ago

you are one of the LAST people that should be talking about journalistic integrity.

Nathan Drake4425d ago

@Vicious:Don't you dare try and label people as fanboys

v1c1ous4425d ago

i don't need to label you or hiphopgamer anything.

5 minutes looking at both of you guys' posting history is more than enough to give anyone a clear view into what side of the fence you swing, and how dedicated you are in expressing a your opinions.

morganfell4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Well Vicious, you know what Hiphopgamer would tell you.

"Uh huh....PS3....Uh huh

It's a technological feat, it's the true elite, all the competition shakin' goin' down in defeat

The hate they sowing, the rocks they a throwin' but the PS3 is the new storm blowin

Rackin, sackin, 360s are all back trackin', cause everybody knowns that Sony's risen and a whackin all the skulls they be crackin'

PS3 is the new IV, Home's plugged into the pulse thumpin out your TV.

There ain't no immunity from the world wide community and PS3 is bringin' out the plan for unity"

Or something like that.

LokMessier4425d ago

Wait a minute morgan what the heck did you just say XD?

BigBaehr4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )


Edit: That is now on my profile lmao.

nycredude4425d ago

Nice one there. I shiat was pretty dope! Bubbles.

Masta_fro4425d ago

...karma works its magic most of the time, though, it would be a shame to see a console fall due to media sabotage.

but then again, Sony shouldn't just bent over and take it...

Sometimes i wonder if anybody at Sony actually knows whats going on, you know...? like, do they really know what the general population thinks of its console, and what they need to do to change their image?
Yea, and i hope they're working on it.

Sometimes we forget that although the media can be influential, you cant always hide the truth. Lies tend to uncover themselves eventually.

finally, people also seem to forget that

you know what, do yourself a favor and ask some Japanese people what they think of Microsoft and their products, especially what they think about the 360.

I live in the Caribbean and i can tell you one thing, Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE i know is selling their 360 to buy a PS3 sooner or later.

Believe me if you want...

HDgamer4425d ago

You come off as a fanboy more than a gamer. You have nothing good to say about sony or Nintendo. Its all about Microsoft and the xbox 360, every thing is completely good about them in your own biased opinion. I mean sure you ignored the 33% failure rate of the xbox 360 when it was well known and acknowledge by the same company. But the disc read error's from sony consoles were worse? I mean are you kidding yourself? They both were horrible. But the fact you tried to make it out to be worse is what a fanboy would do. I mean just like these articles from time magazine, they didn't do their research. The NPD reports even state how's the ps3 has been doing and the 360. 18 million Install base, compared to last year. Thats a good thing, now lets look at the sega dreamcast vs the ps2. Dreamcast didn't make it to 5 million.

ultimolu4425d ago

morgan, you silly cookie you...xDDDD

*bubbles him up*

That was an excellent article from Torrence.

no-spin4424d ago

Accusing the hiphopgamer of lack of integrity?? Explain yourself because i watch the show, and although he obviously prefers the PS3, he doesnt bash on the 360. For example, He very clearly states that the XBL is better than PSN for gaming and chatting. I demand respect because the hhg is always very respectful in his replies even when people bash him for no reason.

Rob0g0rilla4424d ago

Man, that was great. One of the funniest post I have read on this site.